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Richard Taylor

Mental health campaigner, writer and avid gamer.

I'm Richard. I love writing in all forms, especially poetry and song writing. My passion is tackling the stigma surrounding mental health but I also enjoy playing video games - oh and I would've liked to be alive in the time of the dinosaurs.
The Truth About

The Truth About OCD

For many people, the stereotype of OCD in mainstream media is so damaging because it makes them feel isolated, strange, different and abnormal when in reality, they should be made to feel accepted, loved and cared for. Just because you can't see their illness and it's in their head doesn't mean it's not real or should be treated any differently to a physical injury.
02/11/2016 12:43 GMT

Radical Honesty

Earlier tonight, I had a look at the shortlist for the Mind Awards. Out of the 5 nominees in the blogging category, no male bloggers were nominated. Now, I'm not sure if it's a reflection on the talent of male writers or, more likely, the notion that men still feel such a weight of shame and adversity if they speak out about mental health.
16/09/2016 16:31 BST

What If?

My life seems to be dictated by those two little words. Whether it's looking into the future or peering into the past, that question creeps out of the woodwork as a gentle reminder that I'm not content.
21/04/2016 11:26 BST
OCD, My Dad and

OCD, My Dad and Me

I was officially diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder at the age of 15 although it has been part of my life for a long time, I just didn't have a name for my thoughts and behaviours. It was around this time that I was also diagnosed with depression.
04/02/2016 14:14 GMT