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Ripu Daman Singh

A lazy writer, a keen observer and mostly an ignorant fool

Ripu Daman Singh believes in writing. For joy. For sadness. For freedom. For redemption. For self-preservation. And for capturing all those fleeting moments that we call life.
Can A Fake Leather Jacket Make You Feel

Can A Fake Leather Jacket Make You Feel Liberated?

I am not sure what came over me. A strong fit of materialism. Perhaps. Or pure greed. I still can't rationalize it. But I got attached to this fake leather jacket, which now hangs like a lifeless ostrich in my wardrobe, even before I owned it.
26/09/2017 15:35 BST
Being An Idiot In

Being An Idiot In Budapest

Every time I visit a new city, I let it wash over me. I let it fool me. Impress me. In whatever way it wants. It's a fresh start. For both the city and myself. Our pasts are predetermined. But the present is still untouched. We can choose to be whoever we want to be.
24/07/2017 14:34 BST
15 Different Experiences Of

15 Different Experiences Of Happiness

The curse of being a writer is that only a part of you can relish the experience. For a part of you must always step out of it. To observe. To make mental notes. I recently spent four days camping on a hill near the woods by the Baltic Sea. Experiencing the most surreal and sublime in nature.
28/06/2017 11:54 BST
How I Am Always On A

How I Am Always On A Holiday

Every time I come back from a holiday, a part of me stays behind. Still looking for more. Asking for more. Away from the drudgery of routine. Liberated from the reins of discipline. Bereft of any responsibilities.
24/05/2017 13:53 BST
He Chose A Rickshaw Over

He Chose A Rickshaw Over Porsche

I was 28 and he was 50 at the time. He sported long, silvery hair that was always clasped into a thin ponytail. He looked like an active member of a retired rock band. His name was not Paul. But I'll call him that anyway to respect his desire for anonymity.
15/03/2017 14:11 GMT
How Do You Know Whether You Are

How Do You Know Whether You Are Classy?

But we forgot that the tiny, messy details of life have a way of peeking out of unexpected corners and hinges. And in our apartment we didn't have to go looking for them, we found them staring in our faces at all times. We just chose to ignore them.
16/02/2017 12:33 GMT
Behind Every Relationship, There Is An

Behind Every Relationship, There Is An App

Lola is a 20-something, attractive woman whose long-term boyfriend dumped her three years ago. In a text that didn't even display the courtesy of a spell check. Tinking we shd backup (read breakup). She cried relentlessly (six times a day on an average) for months to follow.
25/01/2017 15:57 GMT
What's The F-Word In Your

What's The F-Word In Your Language?

There is something cathartic about speaking a language that allows you to abuse freely. To say things that perhaps seem indescribable in other languages. Not because we lack the vocabulary or feel tied down by the hard rules of grammar. But because that particular language brings out the notoriety in our personalities.
13/01/2017 14:49 GMT
Five Types Of Eccentric Shoppers Every Family

Five Types Of Eccentric Shoppers Every Family Has

Shopping has been our family sport since generations. We sweat over it like a bunch of honeybees. Working relentlessly without taking a vacation. And yet none of us qualifies to come even close to being a seasoned, respectable shopper.
13/12/2016 13:38 GMT

The Accident

Here's the lowdown: I left home at sharp 4 pm. Dressed in my favourite black jeans and blue Turtleneck. To endure the excruciating winter-wind and the heavy down pour that day. Got into the car. Drove off imagining how I'd make such a fantastic impression with my punctuality.
02/12/2016 12:33 GMT
Sleeping With A Horse On A

Sleeping With A Horse On A Treadmill

The room had three key features: a single bed that would scream and creak in pain every time I turned or tossed in the night; a table with a miniscule lamp that created a halo of light barely covering the odd, oblong pear that refused to ripen during my stay; and a row of three kitschy Ikea shelves hooked to the wall.
17/11/2016 15:08 GMT
Ain't Getting Any Taller Or

Ain't Getting Any Taller Or Younger...

My parents are short people with tall personalities. I wished it had been the other way round. Then it was my religion. It had clearly turned its back on me. Despite my constant prayers, I stayed put at five feet. And then it was friendship.
03/11/2016 14:02 GMT
Marrying A Dented

Marrying A Dented Matiz

For I was hopelessly in love. Or blinded by passion. At 23, it's hard to tell the difference. And in that clouded judgment, I perceived the dented Matiz to be a testimony of my man's rather adventurous nature. His uncanny charm. His chutzpah. The chipped-off paint on the hood lent a certain character and a whole lot of authenticity to his persona. mer
21/10/2016 14:10 BST
Need A Job Before Going Into Labor

Need A Job Before Going Into Labor Again

I am caught in the rut. Again. I am sending out brutally polished CVs to companies whose names I can barely pronounce. I am writing motivation letters for jobs I am least motivated to do. I am blatantly exaggerating business skills I hardly possess. And worst of all, I am sitting through interviews with people I barely find bearable. All this for what? I am desperate for a job. Not "a job". "The job!"
07/10/2016 13:56 BST