Rizwan Syed

The Understated Danger of Conflict Journalism

Having asked around the course, it would appear that a large number of my fellow postgraduates at the School of Journalism are intending to pick 'conflict reporting' as their postgraduate specialism.
12/09/2011 09:06 BST

We Need More Optimism in Politics

I often question why optimism is such a rare commodity in politics. The cynicism of British politicians grinds to no end. This haze of disingenuous polemic which is so often volleyed across the front benches is a product of the political system itself.
24/08/2011 09:51 BST

What Can We Learn From The Riots?

It is with this in mind that I ask a simple question - which interpretation will result in the most positive outcome - The right-wing or the left?
12/08/2011 14:19 BST

Legal Electoral Fraud in the USA?

Many cite cyber-politics as a positive. They increase voting numbers, encourage voter-orientated campaigning by allowing for voter-feedback and encourage political involvement in general. But cyber-politics has its dark side. Like all other aspects of politics, corruption is sinking in.
03/08/2011 17:54 BST

The Pending Death of Left-Wing Journalism?

Ethical, non-profit organisations naturally possess less marketing resources than profit making companies (especially the less ethical companies such as those in arms production, oil companies and others which damage the environment, profit from war and exploit third-world workers). As a consequence, such ethical sources of funding cannot be relied upon to support journalism to anywhere near the same extent as corporations can.
01/08/2011 11:11 BST