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Roanna Carleton-Taylor

Anti Hate Activist, Co-Founder of Resisting Hate

Founder member of Resisting Hate - online Anti Hate group. Write about sociopolitical issues and hate crime.
The Issue Of Weight

The Issue Of Weight Hate

To add a note to my dedicated personal haters - every time you attack my weight rather than my views you lose the debate. You prove you are unable to refute the arguments I put forward against hate and that all you are capable of is resorting to silly insults that, even you must have noticed by now, achieve little other than to make me laugh at you.
22/05/2017 16:52 BST
Acceptance Should Not Depend On

Acceptance Should Not Depend On Understanding

True acceptance and true respect must be based on the principle that even if you do not understand what is necessary for someone to actualise themselves as an individual, you will support their right to make the choice and defend their right to it.
15/05/2017 17:20 BST
Veiling The Face - The Right To Make The

Veiling The Face - The Right To Make The Choice

Anybody who is really serious about standing up for the rights of women should be equally as vehement toward defending their rights to the burka as they would be the bikini. Those who base their objection to the face veil on the argument that women cannot think for themselves and are doing the bidding of men who impose the veil upon them are actually insulting women and doing women's rights no favours at all.
09/05/2017 17:43 BST
Katie Hopkins Your Hate Has Gone Too

Katie Hopkins Your Hate Has Gone Too Far

Just when do we draw the line? Just how much hate are we going to watch Katie Hopkins spout before enough is enough? I have reported her to both the police and Twitter. If you agree with me that she is guilty of hate speech then I suggest you report her as well.
30/04/2017 17:25 BST
Why Not Everybody Should Be Encouraged To

Why Not Everybody Should Be Encouraged To Vote

I am deeply concerned at some of the ridiculous priorities that lie behind the motivation for some votes. You may have a right to vote on the basis of the colour of your passport but just because you can doesn't mean you should.
23/04/2017 21:15 BST
Tackling Our Own Inner

Tackling Our Own Inner Prejudice

Sometimes there is a danger we can be so passionate about eradicating prejudice that it actually leads to us developing prejudices of our own. We fight so hard for the rights of some that we start to develop preconceptions about others whom we wrongly perceive to be aggressors.
04/04/2017 17:18 BST
Hate Beyond Mainstream

Hate Beyond Mainstream Prejudice

The best way to eradicate hate is to educate our next generation. Parents and Teachers - your role in this will be invaluable. Teach our children that kindness, not hate, must form the backbone of the world we want to live in.
31/03/2017 16:04 BST
Nazis Do Not Belong In Modern

Nazis Do Not Belong In Modern Times

We have learned our history. We do not have the excuse that we are uneducated or uninformed. We have learned the dangers of an extremist far right ideology, we have learned the consequences of Nazism, of radical expansionist Nationalism. We have learned what happens when human beings are dehumanised and abused.
22/03/2017 16:22 GMT
The Trouble With The 'Will Of The

The Trouble With The 'Will Of The People'

Much has been written with reference to the EU Referendum discussing the oft repeated phrase "the will of the people." The phrase has been taken to be a key definition of democracy but in my view there are several reasons why such a definition is problematic.
09/03/2017 15:23 GMT
What You Can Do To Fight

What You Can Do To Fight Hate

Whoever you are, whatever your ability, your confidence level or your circumstances you can add your voice to the increasingly vociferous determination of those who want a better world and are willing to put the work in to get it.
28/02/2017 17:13 GMT
Casual Racism Is Not

Casual Racism Is Not "Bants"

As individuals our voices are small but as a collective our communities have very powerful voices. Every comment, every opinion, every belief expressed goes toward weaving the tapestry that will become the community and ultimately the world we live in.
15/02/2017 08:12 GMT
Should We Let Political Differences Affect Our

Should We Let Political Differences Affect Our Relationships?

I am not necessarily advocating that we defend our political views at the expense of our relationships but what I am saying is that those humane values that sit behind those views are worth defending at any cost. If we do not have the courage to defy racist and xenophobic attitudes in those closest to us then how can we hope to have the strength to fight them in a wider audience?
09/02/2017 12:21 GMT
Fight Trump's Hate And Keep Fighting

Fight Trump's Hate And Keep Fighting It

As well as protesting we also need to focus on putting good into the world. We need to build bridges between communities. We need to make minority groups feel they do belong in the countries they live in, despite what the hate press and divisive politicians say. This doesn't have to be on a grand scale, even eye contact and a smile can help eradicate the invisible barriers that the far right hate has erected.
02/02/2017 08:58 GMT
The World We

The World We Deserve

Our future lies in all of our hands. If we are able and willing to overcome our differences, find common ground, build bridges between communities and stand united against hate then we will get the world we want. If we are unwilling to put the effort in then, sadly, we will get the world such apathy deserves.
25/01/2017 13:11 GMT
Online Hate Speech - Why Words Do

Online Hate Speech - Why Words Do Matter

Over time, online hate speech moves the boundaries of what is considered acceptable. Readers become desensitised to the words and images they are exposed to day in and day out. Hate speech posters need to evolve to post increasingly more shocking posts to maintain their ability to create an impact.
20/01/2017 12:51 GMT