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Rob Hodgkinson

COO at TVPlayer, the UK's leading freemium over-the-top TV service with over one million monthly users in the UK.

Rob Hodgkinson is the Chief Operating Officer at TVPlayer. He joined the management team in 2016, having previously held a non-executive director role in the company for two years by virtue of the investment made by Beringea where he was an Investment Director.

His focus at Beringea, a $650m transatlantic growth capital fund, was on digital media and adtech, with investments including Blis, Whistle Sports, Honeycomb, Simplestream, Perfect Channel and Network Locum.

His earlier career included roles at NM Rothschild and the Cabinet Office. Rob graduated with a History degree from Cambridge University and has an MBA from INSEAD.

Get Ready For The YouTube Tsunami To Hit TV

And these viewers are not simply watching the same traditional channels on their digital devices. Today's YouTube star is yesterday's TV celebrity - but, often with a larger audience and a stronger audience relationship. Quality is no longer in question. YouTube's skateboarding-dog days are long gone.
13/09/2017 11:55 BST

TV Is Not Dying, Millennials Aren't Switching Off

The latest such myth is the death of television. If you have read the tech press even a little over the last decade, you could be forgiven for thinking that the box in the corner of the living room is about to blow up - that booming use of the internet, mobile apps and social services are causing viewers to turn away from TV.
09/03/2017 16:33 GMT