Rob McGibbon

Journalist, creator of The Definite Article interview column in the Daily Mail, custodian of Olive's diary 1914

Rob McGibbon is a freelance journalist, interviewer, sometime author, and the founder of the unique interviews aggregation website Access

Rob is also the creator of The Definite Article interview column, which features each week across the back page of the Daily Mail's Saturday magazine, Weekend. Launched in March 2011, The Definite Article is a Q&A format that addresses the matters of "life" according to a leading personality through the same 25 thought-provoking questions. It attracts around eight million readers to the print edition and countless millions more through Mail Online. Hence, it is firmly established as the most widely read interview column in world media.

Rob's journalistic career began as a reporter on the Wimbledon News in 1985. He started working on national newspapers little more than a year later. He worked on some of the biggest news stories of the late 1980s, then specialised in celebrity journalism and interviewing. He has been stoically tolerating the precious ways of stars ever since.

After leaving The Sun in February 1990 to go freelance, Rob developed a book writing career alongside his journalism. He wrote 12 celebrity biographies during the 1990s, including official books with Backstreet Boys and Westlife. Rob 'retired' from pop music literature in 2000.

In 2005, Rob created the ‘Press Conference With…’ interview format for Britain’s journalism trade magazine Press Gazette after it was taken over by Piers Morgan and Matthew Freud. These interviews became a much-admired weekly feature of the magazine.

Rob has always been driven to create other working ventures beyond writing. He launched the formidable aggregation website Access in January 2008. It neatly archives and links the finest interviews by journalists from newspapers, magazines, radio and TV into a unique database that is respected in media circles and beyond. A.I continues to grow.

In January 2014, Rob began publishing online the tragic diary of Olive Higgins from 1914 ( @olivesdiary1914). This marked the beginning of some degree of resolution to a writing project that had absorbed him for 13 years.