Roger Dubar

Media, Tech, Law, Culture, Startups

A media & technology lawyer in Edinburgh & London, Roger returned to Glasgow for the relaxed, cultured lifestyle. He's worked for the BBC, ITV, GMTV, Channel 5, TWI and more. He's a guest speaker on Media Law at the Royal Conservatoire in Scotland.

Roger loves culture, social media, travel and food. He's been to SXSW twice; clubbing with Ian McKellen; and is part of the startup scene in Scotland as the founder of Zapcoder.
Roger's Rules for Online

Roger's Rules for Online Behaviour

Much online behaviour is terrible. We take things personally, throw insults, shut down debate, never challenge our own ideas, and generally act like idiots. Not you, of course  - but lots of other people. There is a better way.
02/05/2016 21:50 BST
No Platform: Is Free Speech Worse Than Murder With

No Platform: Is Free Speech Worse Than Murder With Machetes?

Does anyone really think that marking people for exclusion helps win arguments? Or increases tolerance? Or makes the world a better place? Or makes the world safer for those with minority views or opinions or customs? I don't. If you disagree, please, do tell me where you think I'm going wrong.
26/04/2016 16:16 BST
Anyone Who Disagrees With Me Is a

Anyone Who Disagrees With Me Is a Nazi

If someone actually is inciting violence or hatred or seeking to remove the rights of other people, then we can stand up against them together. But let's start by acknowledging that, right now, too many people dismiss the opinions of others out of hand far too easily.
03/04/2016 20:17 BST
Political Correctness Is Bad:

Political Correctness Is Bad: Discuss

Join me, friends, as I take you through what I think political correctness gets wrong, how it threatens the gains in the rights of women, gay people and minorities, and what we can do to make it right.
30/03/2016 08:24 BST