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Ross Hunt

Married father of one daughter called Isabelle.Trying to work out life.

I'm a married father of one daughter called Isabelle. She was born on April 2017, so you can do the maths as to how old she currently is. I started blogging to have somewhere to express myself and my story of battling postnatal depression. That one post then turned into a whole blog, which I started in early August this year. All I want to do now is grow as a person and keep discovering more about myself and this world on a pursuit to become the best version of myself.

Ways To Help With Postnatal Depression: Be Involved

The only way you're ever going to form the bond needed with the baby is to actually be there with the baby. At least that's the simple way of putting it. This is part of the reason why paternity leave should be extended from two week to at least four. Two weeks is not enough time for the father to not only bond with the baby, but also support the mother. But that's a different issue.
08/11/2017 15:18 GMT

Ways To Help Your Partner To Breastfeed

When I tell people that my wife still breastfeeds they tend to see me as incredibly lucky. After all, I pretty much sleep through the night. I have done since Isabelle was around eight weeks old. In part, it's mostly down to the fact that Rachel still breastfeeds.
27/09/2017 11:49 BST

Five Ways To Help With Postnatal Depression

Another thing that research showed was that it was important to have a supportive co-parent. Those who felt that their co-parent had confidence in them were also less likely to experience stress and depression. I know you'll both be going through an awful lot of stress when this baby comes, but it's important that you try and do it together.
11/09/2017 12:21 BST