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Rupert Wolfe Murray

Travel writer, fundraiser and editor at Castle Craig rehab clinic

I'm a PR adviser, editor, writer and problem solver. My main genre is travel and I recently wrote a fairy tale. People say my first travel book -- 9 Months in Tibet -- is funny (deadpan) and also encourages them to travel. I help organisations communicate with their audiences and also advise on fundraising. For many years I've worked freelance for Britain's best rehab clinic: Castle Craig Hospital. After spending 17 years in Romania, a country I love, I moved back to the UK. Now I'm living on a houseboat on the River Thames
The Somme on the

The Somme on the Stage

It feels strange writing an article about the play I saw in Liverpool recently - a play about the First World War - because the news is filled with so many shocking killings: the shooting of 49 young people in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida; the vicious murder of Jo Cox, a young Labour MP in Yorkshire.
17/06/2016 15:51 BST
UKESAD: A Festival About

UKESAD: A Festival About Addiction

UKESAD is a vast get-together of those who work in addiction treatment: therapists, counsellors, managers of rehab clinics, medics and camp-followers like me. They do an important job - saving people from addiction and maybe even an early death - but are unknown to the media and the public.
04/06/2016 15:46 BST
If I Was Elected

If I Was Elected Mayor

If I was the mayor I wouldn't collect the rubbish anymore. My election manifesto would be built round the slogan "there's no such thing as rubbish" and from day one of being elected I'd be talking to the bin men with new instructions.
09/05/2016 11:40 BST
The Untold Story of Liverpool's Turkish

The Untold Story of Liverpool's Turkish Bath

We recently went to the new Turkish Bath in Liverpool and were surprised to find that it is the only one in the north west of England. Considering how awesome a Turkish bath experience is, and how popular they are among tourists in Istanbul, I can't understand why there isn't one in every town - as there used to be in ancient times.
14/04/2016 16:32 BST
Open Letter to Asylum

Open Letter to Asylum Seekers

Dear Asylum Seekers... First of all, welcome to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - the cumbersome name of my home country, a name that not many of my fellow Brits actually know. We tend to call ourselves English, Scots, Northern Irish or Welsh.
16/12/2015 10:17 GMT
Liverpool's Amazing

Liverpool's Amazing Library

The young lives which were cut so tragically short. The communities that were decimated. The partners, friends and families of loved ones, dead and buried, who were left to fight on against a legacy of fear, hatred and discrimination. Those who survived to recall the horror days.
01/12/2015 10:40 GMT
Starbucks Helped Me Give up

Starbucks Helped Me Give up Coffee

I don't think I'm alone in hating Starbucks, the American coffee shop that has spread its tentacles all over the world. They haven't lied like Volkswagen did but they are hypocrites. The annoying thing is that I need Starbucks and if you get to the second half of this article I will explain why.
29/10/2015 16:10 GMT
Hitching With a

Hitching With a Migrant

As I squeezed my vast rucksack into the narrow seats behind the driver I couldn't believe our luck: we were going to Manchester, which is only half an hour train ride from Liverpool. And we were in a flash car! My faith in human nature, and in hitchhiking, was instantly restored.
17/09/2015 15:28 BST
Liverpool's Best Bar Serves No

Liverpool's Best Bar Serves No Alcohol

Within minutes of entering The Brink my expectations had been demolished. The pub was full of normal looking people (not a depressing looking drunk in sight), light poured into a big space from huge skylights, the décor was inspiring, the artwork on the wall was good and the music intriguing.
17/07/2015 10:57 BST
Liverpool's Home of the

Liverpool's Home of the Titanic

Liverpool is rising from the ashes. The grand old buildings around the Pier Head have been renovated and almost a billion pounds was sunk into Liverpool One, an open-air shopping mall that is built on a network of ancient streets. Huge events take place there (the biggest catwalk ever held took place on Saturday 4th of July) and the nightlife is wicked.
07/07/2015 16:42 BST
The EU Should Restrict

The EU Should Restrict Codeine

The EU ignores the elephant in the room: codeine is a highly addictive painkiller that has a negative impact on youth in the EU and the USA. The risk of addiction is barely mentioned in their recommendation.
19/06/2015 13:06 BST
Kayaking in

Kayaking in Sweden

We paddled on, passing a series of lovely wooden houses, gardens, children playing and all kinds of boats tied up to little piers. The islands are rocky, covered in trees and grass and the shoreline is often fringed with reeds. We cruised through all this at a good pace, never feeling tired.
26/05/2015 12:17 BST
Reflections About the Romani Gypsies and

Reflections About the Romani Gypsies and Romania

What is now clear to me is that the Romani Gypsies are just misunderstood and this new book gives us the opportunity to gain insight into their culture and eventually find a way to accommodate them better.
28/04/2015 09:27 BST
Getting a Job in

Getting a Job in Mongolia

My friend George asked me if I thought he could get a job in Mongolia and, even though I don't know anything about the jobs market in Mongolia I instantly replied: "of course you can."
13/04/2015 12:32 BST