Russell Haworth

Chief Executive Officer, Nominet

Russell Haworth is CEO of Nominet, the technology company known for running the .UK internet infrastructure. As well as making sure the four billion daily Domain Name System queries get to the right place, Russell leads Nominet’s exploration and development of cyber security, data visualisation and Internet of Things technology.

Russell has held senior roles across four continents, covering both established and emerging markets, for Thomson Reuters. He co-founded a venture capital firm focused on early stage disruptive technology, and has been named as a leading executive by Forbes, with particular recognition for achievements in the technology sector. He is also an advocate of the internet as a force for good: Nominet works for public benefit and, through Nominet Trust, has donated £35 million to tech-for-good projects over the past seven years.

Russell is a keen observer of global internet trends and new technologies with the potential to transform how we work, interact and live.