Ruth Green

Journalist, loves writing about Latin America, Iberia, Russia and data

Ruth Green is a journalist based in London. She writes about a range of international matters, with a strong focus on Latin America, Iberia, Russia, Eastern Europe, the emerging markets and data-driven journalism. She contributes to publications such as The Guardian, the New Statesman, The Huffington Post, Prospect and IBA Global Insight. Visit her blog.
Five Key Takeaways on Russia's Relations With the

Five Key Takeaways on Russia's Relations With the West

After months of fraught relations between Russia and the West which have seen a flurry of tit-for-tat sanctions triggered by the growing unrest in Ukraine, the final straw seemed to come with the suspected downing on 17 July of flight MH17 over Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists.
01/08/2014 11:17 BST
One Hour and Eighteen

One Hour and Eighteen Minutes

With the wave of oligarchs that continue to flock to London to battle out their grievances, sadly embezzlement scandals and corruption are associations we regularly make with Russia nowadays.
29/11/2012 09:53 GMT
The Belarusian 'Clapping'

The Belarusian 'Clapping' Revolution

While strikes and protests the world over have dominated much of the news this year, the Belarusians are adopting a rather unusual form of anti-government protest: clapping.
12/07/2011 16:31 BST