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Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan was born in London and has lived here all his life. His parents moved to London from Pakistan in the 1960s. He was state-school educated in Tooting before studying Law at the University of North London. Sadiq and his wife have two daughters.

Sadiq became a solicitor specialising in human rights and was a councillor in the London Borough of Wandsworth from 1994 to 2006.

In 2005 Sadiq was elected MP for Tooting. He was appointed Minister of State for Communities in 2008 and later became Minister of State for Transport, becoming the first Muslim and first Asian to attend Cabinet. He was also Crossrail Minister.

In 2013 Sadiq was appointed Shadow Minister for London, and in 2015 he led the Labour Party campaign in London in the General Election.

Sadiq is a big sports fan, especially football, boxing and cricket. He ran the 2014 London Marathon, raising money for the Evening Standard's Dispossessed Fund.

By Setting Up An Energy Company I Hope To Help Bring An End To Fuel Poverty In London

It's clear that people need a better, fairer deal on their energy bills. That's why I have started the process of setting up an energy company to do just that in London. I'm looking to partner with a supplier who can offer fair energy bills to Londoners and help more people access my energy efficiency programmes for households across the capital. I want to move as fast as possible so a formal selection process will be starting as early as January.
15/11/2017 13:20 GMT

Together We Can Make Londoner's Mental Well-Being Thrive And Flourish

We want to support more Londoners to maintain good mental health, stamp out mental health stigma and discrimination, involve more young people through working with schools and youth organisations, increase access to support and services through the use of digital technology and reduce the number of suicides in London... Improving mental health is a complex challenge, but together, I believe we can achieve our ambition of making London the happiest and healthiest city on earth - a city that is open to those who need help, and a city where all Londoners can flourish and thrive.
31/07/2017 16:02 BST

Record Rough Sleeping Is A Scar On Our City - As Mayor I'm Determined To End It

There are many reasons why people end up sleeping rough - from mental health issues to family break-ups and drug addiction. There is never going to be an instant silver bullet to fix the problem, which is why I have brought people and organisations together - through my new 'No Nights Sleeping Rough' taskforce - to tackle the root causes of rough sleeping with a number of new solutions.
03/07/2017 11:18 BST

A Vote for Me Today Is a Vote for Hope Over Fear

There is a choice at this election. London is the greatest city in the world, but we're at a crossroads. Londoners can vote for a candidate who will fight for ordinary citizens, or they can vote for four more years of the same. They can vote for hope and diversity, or they can vote for fear.
05/05/2016 06:57 BST

Energy for Londoners Can Make Our City Great Again

London is the world's greatest city, and Londoners deserve an equivalent energy system. How we power our city, keep our homes warm, and keep the lights on, says a lot about how we live our lives. It should be clean, affordable and 21st century. I want my daughters to grow up in a city that is cleaner and greener, in which people aren't dying because the air is so filthy. But I also want London to be at the cutting edge of new green technologies, generating the growth and jobs of the future. That's why, if I'm elected Mayor in May, I'll set up Energy for Londoners to lead on delivering the clean, green energy of the future.
17/04/2016 20:04 BST

The Housing Crisis Is the Great Issue Confronting Our Capital - The Tories Have No Answers

In the midst of this unprecedented housing crisis, London deserves a mayor who will truly appreciate their needs, and not, as the current Tory mayor has done, undermine councils' efforts to build affordable housing by overruling them. I want to see a city that gives the same opportunities to my children as my parents were able to give to me... A city where buying or renting a home for young people on average or below-average incomes is a reality and not a fantasy.
25/03/2016 16:48 GMT

The Tories Still Want to Abolish the Human Rights Act - and London Will Be Worse Off as a Result

If I'm Mayor of London, I want to bring this same kind of passion for people's fundamental rights to City Hall. I can't speak for the other candidates but for me, it's a no brainer - it's part of who I am. I want to be the leader of this great city who gets why it's important we have the right to protest and to free speech, we have the right to a fair trial, and we have the right to privacy.
12/08/2015 18:11 BST

#DareToDream - Shaping the Future of London

Listening to concerns from all corners of London at the launch made me all the more certain that London needs a Mayor that has practical solutions to tackle inequality. And giving Londoners of every age, gender, faith and race a voice is a practical way to do it. That's why I'm running to be Labour's candidate for London's Mayoral election.
06/08/2015 17:23 BST

A Response for Kenny

Dear Kenny... You and I share a passion for this fantastic city we call home. We both love its vibrancy, its diversity, its history and its culture. There's nowhere else in the world I'd want to call home. But like you, I'm also increasingly concerned that London isn't working for all Londoners.
11/06/2015 17:52 BST

Aspiration Is, and Always Has Been, at the Root of What Labour Stands For

What concerns me is that the fulfilling of potential that many of mine and older generations have benefited from is becoming more and more difficult, not just in London but across the country. That's why, as Mayor, I will ensure more affordable homes are built, and establish a Living Rent, why I will push the Living Wage and encourage enterprise, and why I will make sure people can afford to get to and from work on reliable affordable public transport. Without these things, aspiration simply gets crushed from the reality of living in London.
08/06/2015 17:35 BST

Our Democracy Will Benefit From Lowering the Voting Age to Sixteen

It simply isn't the case that young people don't care. When given a say over really important decisions on the way the country is run people will turn out to vote. We saw it in the Scottish referendum where people's passion and enthusiasm meant the numbers voting reached almost 90%... Labour is a party that believes in progressive change. We don't accept the status quo. We cannot continue to tolerate such a sharp difference in the numbers who vote between older and younger generations. But we also need to give younger people something to vote for. And there is no bigger issue on the horizon than a say on our whole relationship with the European Union.
27/05/2015 08:37 BST

Labour Will Defend the Public's Right to Stand Up to the Powerful and Protect Human Rights Legislation

Labour will defend the public's right to stand up to the powerful. We'll protect our human rights legislation. We'll restore judicial review to its rightful constitutional position. Charities will be released from the undemocratic shackles of the Lobbying Act. And we'll widen access to justice, to ensure that everyone has access to legal representation regardless of personal wealth.
01/05/2015 17:37 BST

Nigel Farage Today Revealed Ukip's True Colours

If Nigel Farage has his way, it will be acceptable to discriminate against someone just because of the colour of their skin... In Ukip's brave new world, it would be perfectly legal to treat someone differently just because of their race or skin colour. Farage clearly has no understanding whatsoever of the difficulties many people from ethnic minority communities still face on a daily basis.
12/03/2015 18:57 GMT