Sam Ellison

Sam Ellison is a founding partner of Redshoe Brand Design a strategic lifestyle agency designed for communicating with women

Sam Ellison is a founding partner of Redshoe, a specialist branding and communications agency with an expertise in marketing to women. Redshoe employs an innovative approach to translate trends and insight into strategic creative solutions that deliver a more connected, emotional and powerful engagement between brand and consumer.
Sam's journey to Redshoe started client side where she worked as a buyer for M&S and latterly in senior marketing roles for Nestle. This is where she kick started her interest in gender marketing having directed the award wining project Yorkie 'not for girls'. In addition, Sam successfully helped launch online-media business before joining Anthem Worldwide as UK head of strategy and business development.
Simply Too Bloody For Some,

Simply Too Bloody For Some, Bodyform

Creating ads for feminine hygiene products seems to have been one of those areas with an unwritten rule and etiquette that prevents marketers and designers from directly addressing an apparently awkward and taboo topic.
20/10/2017 11:30 BST
What Happened To The Dove

What Happened To The Dove Appeal?

And with evolving aspirations for wellness and experiences, a need for flexibility, recognition and self-development, it will be the brands that engage and entertain their female audience on an intuitive level - and give them an emotional and intellectual incentive to spend time with them - that she will trust.
22/05/2017 12:07 BST