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Sam Feltham

Entrepreneur & Health Activist

Sam has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. Starting out as a party co-ordiantor for a sports centre and working his way up to studying at the European Institute of Fitness and qualifying as a Master Personal Trainer. During this time he was also a globe-trotting Snowboard Instructor and Course Leader, in places such as New Zealand, America, Switzerland and Canada.

In 2011 he was named one of the World Fitness Elite Trainers of the Year as The Independent and USA Today, became a best selling author and is founder of one of the UK's fastest growing fitness boot camp franchises, Smash The Fat,

As well as being an entrepreneur and personal trainer Sam is a health activist, as his major definite purpose is to help as many people as possible obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When Sam was growing up he had many trials and tribulations, such as his Dad dying at age 8 which left his Mother with 4 kids to bring up and then at 13 Sam was diagnosed with cancer and had 4 months of chemotherapy. Although this is very sad, these terrible experiences have taught Sam some great life skills that allow Sam to help people more effectively.

My 21 Day 5,000 Calorie CARB Challenge

For this next 21 day experiment I will be eating 1 calorie less a day than last time at 5,793 calories a day of cereal, bread, pasta, sugary drinks and chocolate!
16/09/2013 13:57 BST

The Men Who Made Us Thin: A Review From a Health Professional

I thought Peretti and his team did a good job of exposing the quick fix diet industry but didn't show the other side of the industry where you have some amazingly passionate and purposeful professionals who are truly helping people in a well thought out structured manner which is what essentially a diet is. Diet after all is just a 4 letter word for what you eat.
09/08/2013 22:00 BST

When I Feel Like Giving Up My Life's Purpose...

It seems no matter how hard I try to convince people that being healthy is a good idea for a long and prosperous life, the way society is built all of that hard work is reversed in an instant with conniving marketing campaigns and highly addictive foods.
12/07/2013 15:38 BST

Why I Didn't Get Fat From Eating 5,794 Calories a Day

The reason people are putting on weight and getting sick is not because they are eating too much but because they are eating too much FAKE foods. From this experience my message to health professionals around the world is to advise your clients or patients to eat less fake food and exercise the choice to eat real food more!
20/06/2013 11:08 BST

Halfway Through My 21 Day 5,000 Calorie Experiment

0 days ago I started a 21 day experiment where I eat 5,794 calories of a low carbohydrate high fat to diet to see if a calorie is really just a calorie. I have come across some militant scientists, who say my experiment is bogus, and some very supportive ones, who have applauded me for trying to push science forward.
29/05/2013 12:41 BST

My 21 Day 5,000 Calorie Challenge

For the next 21 days I will be eating at least 5,000 calories a day! Using the conventional theory of calories in calories out I should put on just shy of 6kg of fat! My diet will consist of eggs, fish, meat, nuts and green vegetables.
20/05/2013 12:52 BST

Myth-Busting: Diet Vs Exercise

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So we decided to do some research to see if we could bust some myths regarding health, fitness, exercising, and eating well. As we've said many times before, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. So it still seems funny that 46% of people still think that getting your 5 fruit and vegetables a day is the best way to enjoy a healthy diet
09/05/2013 17:55 BST

How Sugar Is Killing Us... Slowly But Surely

For the past 40 years fat has been labelled as the bad guy in nutrition but growing evidence is showing that natural fat whether saturated or unsaturated has no detrimental effects on the human body and is actually beneficial for health if anything.
10/04/2013 14:06 BST

139 Fattening Calories Whether You Exercise or Not

A couple of weeks ago Coca-Cola launched a new advert in the UK called Be OK! The advert offers consumers suggestions for activities which, when combined, can help to burn off the 139 calories in a can of Coca-Cola.
18/03/2013 17:15 GMT

Why Calories Don't Count - Part 1 of 5

Now don't get me wrong, in terms of weight management having the right energy balance is important, you can have too much energy or too little energy from food. Calories can give you sort of a ball park figure, but for measuring energy in food, especially for weight loss, they aren't particularly accurate or even scientific.
13/03/2013 17:47 GMT

A Healthy Reading List for Those In Power

The first MP or chief executive to swallow their pride, admit that we got it wrong and start to improve things will get a healthy hand shake from me along with personal training for life!
28/02/2013 15:05 GMT

How to Lose the Treadmill and Alienate the Crunch Machine

These days it seems we are all looking for the next best bit of fitness equipment to do our exercise for us, whether it be a treadmill, crunch machine, wobbly shoes, or a vibrating platform. I mean I don't know how often you do squats in a constant earthquake, but I don't see the point to be honest.
22/02/2013 16:08 GMT

Five Steps to Set Up a Successful Fitness Business From the Start

I can tell you for a fact that I have laboured incredibly hard to get to where I am today. Thankfully though from this hard labour I can pass on what I've learnt from all of my experiences of being a business owner in the fitness industry to you in 5 simple steps so that you can get it right from
12/02/2013 14:29 GMT

10 Commandments To Live A Healthy Life

On Monday I was watching BBC Breakfast with philosopher Alain de Botton, where he was talking about his 10 virtues for atheists. It was a great interview in which he was explaining that in life it's important to reflect and decide on what constitutes a virtuous life. This lead me to think up my 10 commandments to live a healthy life for people to ponder over.
05/02/2013 16:42 GMT