Sam Lewis-Hargreave

Freelance journalist, researcher and barista.

I'm a myth-busting zeitgeist chaser and part-time polemicist. For better or worse, I like to get elbow-deep in my research, be it out in the field or through some serious armchair internet sleuthing. Of course, this is all filtered through the prism of my own opinions - most of which I harness through the medium of interpretive dance. The rest is for your eyes only.

Has Retail Security Technology Gone Too Far?

But Amazon's latest foray into real world retail has not been greeted fondly by all. Activists and campaigners have raised concerns about the privacy implications of Amazon Go's security systems.
04/04/2017 15:57 BST

Has VR Gone Too Far?

As VR headsets have become more affordable over the past few years, more production companies have begun to dedicate themselves solely to creating VR experiences, often pushing the boundaries of the medium.
17/03/2017 15:21 GMT

Could Learning Foreign Language Heal The Divides Of 2016?

So it looks like the best way to heal 2016's divides may have to involve an increase in funding to a public service. But with a government in power that yells "cut!" more passionately than Steven Spielberg, this may be an unlikely scenario.
18/01/2017 15:17 GMT

The New Face Of Male Cosmetic Surgery

<img alt="bmm banner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="35" /> As so-called 'daddy makeovers' continue to rise, the word from surgeons suggests this may be nudged by the decline of the hipster. The once popular bushy-bearded 'hyper-masculine' (or 'lumbersexual') aesthetic is falling out of favour, replaced by the more sleek and sculpted adonis that graces the covers of men's fashion magazines.
30/11/2016 10:23 GMT

Is Technology The New Performance Enhancing Drugs?

But there is another thing that could be just as unfair and just as advantageous, and it's being used in sports everywhere: technology. So should the public aim some of their outrage at technology like a donor of toxin-free urine aiming into a bottle? Let's see how tech is used in sports to find out.
23/11/2016 13:21 GMT

Alcohol Might Get Through Brexit... But Not In The Way You Think

If you have a sentimental attachment to a dusty Dalwhinnie or a spurned Suntory, don't feel obliged to flog it just because you fear the worst of Brexit; more lucrative times may yet lie ahead for the humble single malt. As with selling anything vintage, how much it will be worth is likely to be something of a crapshoot. If you have a copy of The Hangover III on DVD or blu-ray on the other hand...
07/11/2016 11:58 GMT

Are You Pronouncing These Words Wrong?

As a linguistic aficionado, I pay close attention to elocution. You can't tell just from reading my writing, but my enunciation is impeccable. This is why an incident earlier this week was particularly troubling.
27/09/2016 16:14 BST

London Probably Is Ready for a Water-Only Bar

But, in a city which has recently seen esoteric pop-ups like Bunyadi (a clothing-optional restaurant) and a one-day-only bar where the bartenders were dogs (called, naturally, Beer D'Alsace-tian) and Shoreditch's infamous Cereal Killer Cafe, would a water-only bar really be that ridiculous?
26/08/2016 13:31 BST

The Role of Science Fiction In the Future Of Our Health

Every year, sci-fi blockbusters offer various perspectives of the future of the human race. As familiar yellow lettering soars across star-filled skies once again, more than just the force should be awakening. Science fiction works such as The Illustrated Man and WALL-E have provided stark projections of the future, and we may be carelessly heading straight for them.
25/08/2016 10:34 BST

London Festival Fashion Forecast

As the sun begins to set and the mud begins to dry, what fashion tips can we take away before the festival season comes to an end?
09/08/2016 15:53 BST

The New Wearable - More Future of Fashion Than Functional Fad?

For a while, the word "wearable" was the exclusive domain of compulsive exercise fiends who didn't think LiveStrong bands made enough of a statement. But a new breed of wearable - in the form of technology-integrated-clothing - is now threatening to invade our wardrobes.
20/07/2016 13:10 BST