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Samantha Baines

comedian, actress and broadcaster

Samantha Baines is an award winning comedian, actress (The Crown, Silent Witness, Call the Midwife) and broadcaster (BBC Radio London). Samantha is also a feminist, wife and hearing aid wearer, she is intolerant to dairy but loves science and puns.

Seven Edinburgh Survival Tips From Fringe Performers

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost upon us and for performers it's essentially a month long Glastonbury. Four weeks of drinking, shouting over music, standing in the rain, crying over reviews oh and performing your show, does take it's toll.
31/07/2017 16:57 BST

Wedding Blog: Stamp Your Way to Wedding Success

Wedding invites and stationary can be an extremely pricey addition to your wedding budget but some good stationary really adds extra detail to your big day. There are lots of companies out there that will print up stationary for you or design or mass produce stock wedding invites but what if you want to add that personal touch?
31/05/2016 12:02 BST

An Interview With Award-Winning Filmmaker D R Hood

Award-winning film-maker D R Hood took time out of her busy schedule raising money for her latest feature to chat to me about being a director and screenwriter. I have had the pleasure of working with Hood as an actor on a number of her projects and as a director, Hood has an astounding ability to direct the actor in what feels like a partnership between the two.
08/03/2016 11:48 GMT

Leaf It Out: It Really Is Time for Tea

Tea gets a bad rep these days as everyone is so bothered about that strong smelling coffee stuff and tea is suffering. If one more coffee drinker tells me about magic beans, you'd think I lived in a panto. We've forgotten how good tea is and how much we love it, let's bring tea back into fashion London.
01/03/2016 17:37 GMT

Just Some Record Breaking Comedy...

This week Eva App in association with Funny Women walked into the history books, setting the record for the most jokes told by women on social media in one hour and I got to host the event. Does this mean in one hundred years time people will talk about me in the same sentence as Isaac Newton and Florence Nightingale? Probably not, but it was a lovely first gig of 2016.
14/01/2016 14:43 GMT

St Pancras Station Is Ruining Christmas

Have you seen the new Christmas tree in St Pancras station? It's fourteen metres high, made entirely from Disney toys and it burns my eyes. This is not what Christmas is about. I want softly twinkling lights, jingle bells and a cinnamon and orange aroma drifting through the air.
17/12/2015 13:27 GMT

Book Review: 'The Person Controller' by David Baddiel

<em>The Person Controller</em> is a real page turner or should I say jewel encrusted button presser. Indeed it presses all the right buttons for a generation of young video gamers and adults who may need reminding to switch off those pesky electronic devices once in a while.
14/11/2015 19:37 GMT

Wedding Blog: The Bridesmaid Dress Dilemma

The wedding planning has begun. We have booked a venue and I have asked four wonderful women to be my bridesmaids now the scary bit... bridesmaid dress buying!
11/11/2015 15:39 GMT

Six Reasons Why Being Engaged (to be Married) Is Seriously Weird

All anyone wants to talk to you about is the wedding and the proposal and it's lovely but very strange because before I remember having other conversations. I even miss banal exchanges about the weather just for some variety. Although I think I have missed out on a couple of those because I was too busy staring at my ring.
01/10/2015 17:11 BST

10 Things You HAVE to Do in Marrakesh, Morocco

If you like shopping you will love the Souks in the old town. Row upon row of market stalls with Moroccan goods from jewellery to teapots to hand made carpets to tempt you. Even if you don't have money to spend the Souks are wonderful just to wander through and see the sights, although the sellers might coax you in, after all "looking is free".
04/09/2015 11:13 BST

Book Review: 'The Parent Agency' by David Baddiel

There are many reasons adults should read children's books: they tend to be more fun, more outlandish and the writing is much bigger so you finish them in a ridiculously short time and feel proud. Baddiel's new book should be read by adults and children alike and the excellent word puns can be enjoyed by both.
25/06/2015 10:23 BST

Behind the Scenes on 'A Royal Night Out'

So the best thing about being in a feature film is that you get your own trailer, with your own loo (get me!) and your name on the door. Actually its never your name is your character's name which is odd - perhaps they want you to stay in character all the time like Daniel Day Lewis...
04/06/2015 17:20 BST

'Flatgate': Why I Wore Flats on the Red Carpet in Cannes

I was at the Cannes Film Festival when I heard that women had been turned away from the red carpet in their flat rhinestone shoes. As a stroke of luck, I happened to have tickets for the premiere the following evening as well as my own snazzy pair of flat rhinestone shoes, so fate stepped in (in flats).
21/05/2015 14:35 BST

Five Reasons You HAVE to Watch: 'A Royal Night Out'

It's the hottest new cinema release and its all about the Royal family! <em>A Royal Night Out</em> hits cinemas on 15 May (with previews from 8 May) and I have managed to see it before the official release. So here are five reasons you have to watch it.
14/05/2015 17:26 BST