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Journalist and news presenter

Samantha is an award winning broadcaster, influential blogger, corporate host and motivational speaker. Samantha has been a journalist and broadcaster for more than 20 years – she is currently presenting on BBC World News. She presented on Sky News for more than a decade anchoring coverage of some of the biggest stories of recent years. These included the murder of British MP Jo Cox, the EU referendum, several general elections and the terror attacks in Tunisia and Brussels. She also broke the news of the sudden deaths of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Heath Ledger. Her blog about parenting and issues around women in the work place has gained a huge following. She often writes for the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Mirror and the Huffington Post. Samantha was the recipient the 2017 international All Ladies League Women of Excellence award presented in the House of Lords by Baroness Hussein-Ece and Baroness Jenkins.


Now a school in East Sussex has just taken away that choice by changing its uniform policy and requiring every Year 7 pupil to wear trousers. Why? They say it's to accommodate the growing number of transgender pupils - oh and to deal with complaints over the "decency" of short skirts.
08/09/2017 13:31 BST
The Election - Is Imposter Syndrome To

The Election - Is Imposter Syndrome To Blame?

Is this ultimately what happened here? Were Theresa May's insecurities to blame? Perhaps I am being too charitable - giving the Prime Minister the benefit of oh, oh so many doubts. Whatever the reason for her fateful decision - it will be one Theresa May has a lifetime to mull over - and whether or not she hangs onto her job- no doubt regret.
12/06/2017 13:25 BST
Time To Turn Off The News - For

Time To Turn Off The News - For Now

I am reluctantly but fairly surely approaching the point where I fear my home will have to become a news free zone - at least when the kids are around. As a journalist and news presenter I am, as you might guess, a news junkie.
06/06/2017 12:24 BST
A Right Royal Telling

A Right Royal Telling Off

I have to admit to revelling in the schadenfreude - seeing someone else so very publicly admonish their child. Because boy have I been there - done that and got the whole wardrobe - never mind the T Shirt!
23/05/2017 14:25 BST
The Pink

The Pink Tax

So it turns out it costs almost £30,000 more to raise a girl than a boy. This latest research from Moneysupermarket will shock absolutely no one with boys and girls in their family. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually far more than that in the long run- and my daughter is only 3.
11/11/2016 13:11 GMT
No Accounting For

No Accounting For Taste

Hallelujah! I'm not to blame for the fussy eating habits of my 8 year old son. Oh no wait a minute -I am! What? So scientists have just discovered a child's fussy eating habits are largely down to who they are and their genetics.
17/10/2016 13:41 BST
No Kids

No Kids Aloud

This didn't stop some women sitting nearby from a lot of eye rolling and muttered criticism of my kids. Hey I got it - but what could I do? If there'd been a kid free or adult only area on the plane we would all have been happy. They wouldn't have had to put up with my kids, and we wouldn't have had to put up with them. At the end of the day it's about offering extra choice?
12/10/2016 13:14 BST

Nanny Nightmares

All good things, and Australian working visas, must inevitably come to an end. And so here we are, back on the merry go round of childcare. Only there isn't that much that is fun about this experience. Finding a nanny who fits in with your family, who you trust, who will be your kids everything while you aren't there, well, it's not just tough, at times it seems impossible!
31/07/2016 22:36 BST
Parenting -

Parenting - 'Help!'

You'd think Phillip and I would have had all our parenting issues nailed by the time our daughter came along, but when she was one and still insisting on being cuddled to sleep with a dummy, we knew it was time, once again, to call in a professional.
05/05/2016 10:41 BST
Bring on the

Bring on the Pink

Before I became a parent I was a fully paid up member of the right on- politically correct brigade. If asked, I would have said I was determined to bring up my children free to embrace whatever interested them, be it maths and science experiments for a girl or fashion and cookery for boys. But it hasn't quite turned out that way.
07/04/2016 17:07 BST
Is It So Bad to Need a Break From My

Is It So Bad to Need a Break From My Kids?

Clearly going away without the kids isn't an easy thing to do - emotionally or logistically. But I felt for the sake of my sanity it was becoming a necessity! So grandparents were drafted in from up North and with the help of our nanny and other parents helping schlep our kids to various after school activities - we were off!
26/02/2016 17:46 GMT
Enough Apologising for My

Enough Apologising for My Children

Don't get me wrong I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to my children being rude, aggressive or ungrateful. I would be the first to apologise for that, as well as of course make them apologise too! But I refuse to apologise anymore for my children being inquisitive, engaging, lively and yes occasionally overbearingly loud.
08/09/2015 17:43 BST
Help! Have I Got Repetitive Parenting

Help! Have I Got Repetitive Parenting Syndrome?

I dedicated so much time to my first born and did so many things with and for him that by the time my second son came along I felt guilty if I didn't do the same for him. Even though I didn't have the luxury of the time I had with my first son, I made sure my second child didn't miss out.
18/06/2015 22:46 BST
Politics Isn't for the Faint-hearted or

Politics Isn't for the Faint-hearted or Thin-skinned

All the candidates - whatever their odds of winning - had dedicated huge amounts of personal time and energy to fight for what they believed in. I couldn't help but feel for all of them as I saw the night wear on and their emotions writ large on their faces.
13/05/2015 17:16 BST