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Samuel Goh

Final year medical student

I was born in Kuching, a small city on the island of Borneo. I moved to the UK to study medicine and am now dangerously close to finishing it.
You've Got To Be Kidding

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Over those two hours, I was allowed to be silly, to escape from the adult world and into the world of this toddler. Even though it was brief, it was very much needed. Kids aren't that scary, it turns out. You just need to be brave enough to think silly, to not make sense at all, and to have the courage to put a chocolate snowman on your porch in the middle of summer.
08/02/2017 11:35 GMT
We're All Superheroes

We're All Superheroes Now

As I grew up, I realised that superheroes really did exist. They don't wear capes or spandex, though. You won't seeing them flying in the clouds, riding neon-coloured cars, or swinging across buildings. Some of them wear stethoscopes, some of them wear a uniform and some we will never know their names.
26/12/2016 20:55 GMT
His Name Was

His Name Was Paul

Medicine is about treating the patient as a human being - to alleviate symptoms, to calm their worries, to address their concerns. It's about treating Paul, the man bearing the full brunt of life's storm. Not Paul, the patient with irregular bowel habits.
25/11/2016 15:48 GMT
Really, How Are

Really, How Are You?

Getting them to talk about their problems is the first step to actually solving them. Who knows - maybe they've been waiting for the day for someone to genuinely want to know how they are doing. Even the most hardy of us long for human compassion once in awhile.
03/10/2016 13:34 BST