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Sandra Butcher

Chief Executive National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome-UK

Sandra Butcher (@SB_FASD) is chief executive of the National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome-UK ( NOFAS-UK supports people with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), their families, communities and the professionals who support them. It promotes education for practitioners and raises public awareness about the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. NOFAS-UK is part of the FASD UK Alliance, which runs the UK’s most vibrant online FASD support group: Sandy is also a parent advocate. Her 13-year old son has Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Her family spent many years after his adoption and prior to his diagnosis at the age of 10 trying to understand his needs. She and her husband are co-founders of the E. Hertfordshire and Area FASD Support Network ( They are active in local media, social media and through a widely read blog,, which was chosen by Healthline as one of the “Best FASD Blogs-2017.”

Adoption, Violence And Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

To anyone who has adopted or is close to networks supporting those with adopted children, there is sadly no surprise at these figures. Adoptive families across the UK are feeling relieved that their struggles are being noticed.
26/09/2017 13:33 BST

There Is No Proven Safe Amount Of Alcohol In Pregnancy. No Alcohol, No Risk

How many cigarettes have been proven to cause damage to a fetus? Do we know? And yet we have all collectively decided we will take the advice that it's just not on to smoke during pregnancy. Do we know exactly how much soft cheese contains listeria? And yet, as a rule we avoid it just in case.
12/09/2017 16:55 BST