Sara Jones

Founder of House Of

Sara blogs about graduate careers through experience and entrepreneurship through passion.

Currently working in a start-up (SWIG Hip Flasks) Sara is also part of the current cohort with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, an educational charity for young entrepreneurs.

Why You Should Visit North Korea to Boost Your Job Search

I am a humanities graduate. I spent tens of thousands of pounds to read things at University College London with the occasional hour spent reading things with a professor in the room at the same time. The received wisdom is that this kind of degree is actively harmful in securing a career and that anybody who doesn't choose Science is doooooooooomed...
14/10/2015 16:10 BST

Why You Shouldn't Be Enthusiastic in a Job Application

In our society, if you want something, you go out and buy it. Getting a job is one of the few instances where money is completely irrelevant. A job is quite literally priceless, so at some point someone is going to reject you from a dream opportunity and there'll be nothing you can do about it. For once in our consumerist society, wanting isn't getting...
06/05/2015 11:27 BST

You're About to Graduate - Now What?

Of course, what you did for your degree could have very little bearing on what you'll want to do for the rest of your life. You have to look way beyond the degree you chose at 17 and which you perhaps spent as little as six hours actively learning a week.
27/03/2015 15:14 GMT