Sarah Abell

Journalist, author, and transformative coach.

Sarah Abell regularly speaks, coaches and writes on relationships. She recently worked as the Agony Aunt for the Daily Telegraph and is the author of "Inside Out - how to have authentic relationships with everyone in your life". She has a regular column in Psychologies magazine.

Sarah is the founder of and her passion is helping individuals and organisations to build more authentic relationships.

Her recent TEDx talk in Bristol was on our failure to relate authentically.

She has been married to her husband David for ten years. They have one son.
A Millennial Approach To

A Millennial Approach To Co-Parenting

The exciting thing is that when it comes to exactly how they divide or share roles, couples today are being much more creative and intentional about how they parent together. We need a new vernacular that better represents those couples looking to do things differently.
03/05/2017 16:05 BST
Do You Know How to Make a Great Impression at

Do You Know How to Make a Great Impression at Work?

There are some things that are definitely in our control when it comes to making a good impression. We can make sure our clothes are clean, our nails aren't chipped, our shoes are polished and our hair is washed.
23/04/2015 10:37 BST
Are You Ready to Spring Clean Your

Are You Ready to Spring Clean Your Relationships?

Spring has most definitely sprung - and many of us will be tempted to clean up our home, sort through our wardrobe or tidy up the garden. It can be hugely satisfying to get rid of unwanted stuff, clear away the grime, fix anything that is broken and display what looks good.
11/03/2015 10:45 GMT
How to Build Authentic Connections at

How to Build Authentic Connections at Work

I tried an experiment when I took to the stage to give a talk on "failing to relate authentically" at this year's TEDxBristol. After walking on boldly (or as boldly as my nerves would allow), I spent the first minute or so telling the audience about my various accomplishments. Then I stopped. I walked off, re-entered and started again...
30/12/2013 15:00 GMT
Why the Answer to our Happiness Lies in our

Why the Answer to our Happiness Lies in our Connections

The Government's interest in our well-being with its introduction of a happiness index is a welcome development. But isn't it just common sense? If we help people to build positive connections and to flourish in their relationships then our society will be much better off emotionally, physically and, I dare say, financially.
26/07/2011 11:48 BST
Where are the Leaders Worth

Where are the Leaders Worth Following?

Wouldn't it be great if we could have leaders who aren't just brilliant at what they do but who also have intrinsic values and are authentic to their very core? Leaders who don't just talk the talk but actually walk the walk.
25/07/2011 12:55 BST