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Sarah Elizabeth Greenfield Clark

Sustainability & Climate Resiliance Advisor Sarah works in the field of sustainability and flits between faith and faithlessness when she contemplates the global challenges facing humanity today. She gets to collaborate with some inspiring and hopeful professionals in the industry and she continues on in the battle against climate change however and wherever she sees opportunity. She credits sanity to supportive friends and family who have given her the time, space and encouragement to write, explore, question and campaign.

Nicola Sturgeon, The Climate Warrior At UN COP23

Whether the SNP is bold enough to go further into the political hot potato of carbon taxing remains unclear. Time is of the essence and she was right to point out that countries should not be making impressive targets for the next two decades - but rather requires urgent action in the next two years. Nicola has raised the bar for the UK, and it will be interesting to see if Teresa May can meet her there with some ambitious policies of her own.
16/11/2017 12:11 GMT

We Must Find A More Environmentally Friendly Way To Commemorate Remembrance Day

I'm concerned for Earth's precious resources that we use to make these millions of 'disposable' products and where these poppies go after they've been worn for a week. The symbol and status of wearing a poppy is becoming detrimental to the cause. (I would welcome clarity from The Poppy Factory themselves as to their environmental credentials as it is not clear from their website that the impact of these items is considered on a global scale).
12/11/2017 17:47 GMT