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Sarah Kwong

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Sarah is a writer currently based in Hong Kong. She worked as a journalist in the UK for six years, writing for a variety of national magazines and websites, including New Statesman, Marie Claire, The Telegraph and Cosmopolitan, among others. She's passionate about exploring race, identity and culture, especially in her current home. More information about Sarah's work can be found at or on Medium, at
When Work Trips Become

When Work Trips Become Holidays

Looking down at the veil of early fog floating above the city, I felt energised. It wasn't yet 9:30am, and I had already walked up a steep hill, had a wholesome breakfast, and done tai chi with a Master of the discipline - and all at one of Hong Kong's greenest vantage points, Victoria Peak Garden.
26/01/2016 15:36 GMT
Does Slacktivism Really

Does Slacktivism Really Exist?

This portmanteau covers quite a few elements. It's one thing to say that a 'slacktivist' reaps 'good vibes' from taking action, and something completely different to say that what they've done will provide no real benefit to the cause, and that their 'good vibes' somehow contribute to that.
02/12/2015 14:44 GMT
The Global People

The Global People Project

I came across Helen and Hugh at a TEDxBrixton talk last month. They were presenting some video clips from their travels, a collection of narratives and findings born from seemingly simple answers. The work was beautiful, but why travel lands afar and set up such a big operation to film snippets with strangers?
27/11/2015 15:20 GMT
The Fight For

The Fight For Cantonese

We all know that language is more than just a set of words. It's the backbone of an entire population, providing an identity, connection to history and a togetherness. So it's no surprise that many Hong Kongers are feeling adrift right now.
26/11/2015 10:44 GMT
The Women Taking Charge Of Their

The Women Taking Charge Of Their Lives

Walking down the aisle of muddy-brown land, a trail of women flanked by energetic children clutch heaps of vegetables in their arms. It's the dry-season, but they still have enough food to feed their families; a way of life that just a few years ago, they could never have dreamed of...
27/10/2015 11:38 GMT
Can I Ask Where You're

Can I Ask Where You're From?

I'm extremely proud of my mixed heritage, and everything both it, and I, stand for. It's taken me a good few years of diversions and confusion to get to this point. But I'm here and I'm proud. I would happily talk about my history and my family until the cows come home, and then when they've bedded down, too. But that isn't what the cashier is asking for.
22/10/2015 18:57 BST
New York City As A

New York City As A Drug

I still loved. I loved too much. But it was unrequited. New York City had been honest all along, and I'd been swept away by a dream that existed long before the city did what it did to me, creating my addiction with it's nebulous, intangible wizardry that always left me wanting more, and again.
21/09/2015 11:26 BST

The Order

It matters if you buy a house, get engaged, get married and have a baby in that order. But it matters more if you don't. They are the reason my colleague's face drops when she sees pictures of her friends with houses and husbands on Facebook, while she raises her son in a rented flat with her boyfriend.
19/08/2015 15:56 BST
How My Other Half

How My Other Half Lives

We had been in Hong Kong for five days, marvelling at their mild December. Through osmosis, I'd learnt even more about the culture than I already knew. But there were still parts of my history that I hadn't really considered until I was here, having dinner with long lost everyones and watching everyday life play out for the people who shared my DNA.
07/08/2015 15:22 BST
When Race Comes

When Race Comes First

I believe this kind of inclusion is commonplace now. I've heard adults I respect give similar examples in the throes of storytelling. But it's colour, quite literally, that isn't needed or welcome within the perimetres of a tale that doesn't link to race or culture itself.
23/07/2015 14:32 BST
The Unwell in

The Unwell in Wellness

Sure, in basic terms, doing more exercise and eating more vegetables is good for anyone. And opening up the discussion about eating healthily and getting active is great, too. But the pressure to do these things, or as the authors put it, the obsession with our wellbeing, is actually pretty damaging.
19/07/2015 20:01 BST
Talking About Hate

Talking About Hate Crime

It's time for the world to see that racial prejudice isn't just a side note in a gun crime, or any kind of crime. When that happens, incidents will be rare, at best, and the carousel will finally come to a stop.
07/07/2015 10:44 BST
What's Your

What's Your Story?

One post I saw recently was about a man who went from having only $1 for dinner some nights to owning and running his own shop. He said that even though it closed three years later, he saw it as a success, because he saved up and did it all himself. He added that most of his friends were in jail.
26/06/2015 11:25 BST
The Language

The Language Barrier

For many people the hardest part of learning a language isn't getting to grips with the grammar or the spellings, the conjugations or the colloquialisms. It's the embarrassment. More specifically, getting over it.
25/06/2015 12:01 BST
Hong Kong's

Hong Kong's Future

Beijing has written a bill which, if passed, will allow Hong Kongers to vote for their own leader in 2017 - as long as the Communist party approves of the three candidates put forward. Hong Kong, gloriously and rightfully autonomous since it's release from Britain in the late nineties, was promised 50 years of making their own choices and rules. This bill undermines that promise.
19/06/2015 11:39 BST
The Power of

The Power of Exchanges

There's nothing new or groundbreaking about speaking to people, even in a world of ever-growing virtual interactions. But I think that's what's baffling. If it's so normal and easy (and the benefits outweigh the effort) why aren't we doing it more often?
17/06/2015 11:40 BST
Travel & Culture: Getting Wed in Hong

Travel & Culture: Getting Wed in Hong Kong

Save for big plans, big money and, well, a big party, weddings in Hong Kong are nothing like weddings in the UK. For starters, the main component for Brits - actually getting married - is the least significant part of the day here.
13/01/2015 10:58 GMT
Body Confidence vs. Celeb

Body Confidence vs. Celeb Snaps

It's no secret that we're extremely connected, some of us even online-addicts. We mindlessly trail social media sites, taking in everything that flickers in front of our eyes, some helpful, some not. The 'belfies', yoga poses you couldn't even do if you were Stretch Armstrong and tiny, everything-free meals; well, that stuff comes under not so helpful.
13/11/2014 11:15 GMT
Twenty-Something Crisis,

Twenty-Something Crisis, IRL

Like most people, I'd say my early twenties were fine in a shit way. Or shit in a fine way. Whatever (my word du jour back then). I didn't mind the lack of money and employment because I was just out of uni. So cavalier, man. But now I'm in my mid-twenties...
10/11/2014 09:44 GMT
Cuddling a Stranger: An App Too

Cuddling a Stranger: An App Too Far?

Ah, who doesn't love a social media trend? Especially when it gives some thought to linguistics. We've recently gone mad for apps designed to help you interact with strangers, incidentally all suffixed with an 'r'. Meet Tinder and Grindr's new, potentially more terrifying cousin, Cuddlr. DUN DUN DUHHH.
29/09/2014 14:48 BST