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Radio/TV Presenter, ardent fringe wearer on heat radio

radio, TV presenter, fringe wearer. heatradio sundays, where Bet Lynch meets Beyonce. telly on ITV's This Morning. Jules and Sarah the Podcast. blog. daughter of June and also married a couple for Don't Tell the Bride. Easily sunburnt @ThisSarahPowell
War Of Words: The Battle Of The Slogan

War Of Words: The Battle Of The Slogan Tee

High street you've got to do better. We deserve better. We deserve words to match how clever, vocal and witty we are. Every single day I see clever memes and sharp comments online which make me think or smile or really laugh.
09/07/2017 20:38 BST
Getting My Fix - Me And My

Getting My Fix - Me And My Anxiety

If you feel scared for no reason or there's a voice that's telling you you're rubbish and everyone else is fine or better, I want to tell you, it's just not true. You're a brilliant, good person and you don't have to live with feeling crap.
09/05/2017 13:45 BST
My Vinyl

My Vinyl Revival

I was on Oxford Street in London for one of the final days of the big HMV store closing. The racks were almost completely empty and there were music geeks and tourists wandering around looking for a bargain. In one corner was a small collection of records on vinyl.
17/06/2016 15:56 BST
The Day I Met Caitlin Moran...

The Day I Met Caitlin Moran... Again

Caitlin Moran is very busy. As well as the second series of <em>Raised By Wolves</em> on Channel 4, there's her new book <em>Moranifesto</em> and she is working on two films with John Niven of <em>Kill Your Friends</em> fame.
05/04/2016 18:02 BST
My Love Affair with Lemon

My Love Affair with Lemon Curd

I never liked lemon curd when I was little, though the truth is I had never tried it. I was yet to discover the joys of tuna, brown sauce, green beans, mayonnaise, tomatoes, cold custard and spaghetti carbonara simply because I had decided I didn't like the look of them.
20/01/2016 18:16 GMT
The Day We Went to

The Day We Went to Margate

Margate is having a moment. That should probably be #Margate is having a moment. Suddenly all the cool kids are going to the beach, buying sticks of rock and instagramming "Scream if you Wanna go Faster" posters. The temptation is to turn on the hipsters and shoo them away but I presume it's this kind of attention that keeps small seaside towns going.
20/08/2015 17:26 BST
You Should Be Stronger Than Me: Amy Winehouse and

You Should Be Stronger Than Me: Amy Winehouse and I

She was there all along, she just got lost. <em>Amy </em>has really made me understand that. She was coming back to us, she was back on her feet and there were plans for new music and babies right before she died. Kapadia said "once people see the film they realise she was amazing and special and we should have looked after her." We really should have.
05/07/2015 23:11 BST
17 Times Nikki Grahame Has Been Amazing on 'Big Brother's

17 Times Nikki Grahame Has Been Amazing on 'Big Brother's Timewarp'

I love her voice, her tantrums, and her use of words like "buxom" and "sharnt." I love how incensed, impassioned and over excited she gets about everything. I still quote her if it's too cold ("It's SOOO COOOLD") and it's impossible to ask "Who is she?" without breaking into the infamous Nikki diary room rant.
25/06/2015 17:26 BST
The Day I Met Caitlin

The Day I Met Caitlin Moran

There was only one thing to do: shout all my questions at Caitlin like a madwoman and hope that she would save me. Save me and like me.
24/03/2015 14:40 GMT
How Madonna Saved The

How Madonna Saved The Brits

No one even seemed to get that drunk anymore. In fact, the most controversial thing to happen last year was Alex Turner dropping a mic and suggesting they invoice him for it. No rebellion ever started or ended with an invoice. But this year, Madonna fell.
26/02/2015 09:21 GMT
Bit of a Grey Area: My 'Fifty

Bit of a Grey Area: My 'Fifty Shades'

It's also true Christian Grey doesn't have any guttering. The water pours down the window and reflects back on the wall as Ana cries on grey satin sheets. Surely to goodness if he can afford first edition Thomas Hardy, he can afford to avoid the pitfalls of surface water.
17/02/2015 17:44 GMT
11 Things We Can All Learn From Cheryl's New Music

11 Things We Can All Learn From Cheryl's New Music Video

Hooray!! Pop cupcake Cheryl is back post January AND she's got a new video! Yes the best hair and dimples on telly and the rest of Mrs Ferdenez- Versini (I spelt that without looking it up) has a new single and it's called Only Human. Chezza really likes saying Only Human as it's also the title of her album, it also means there's less to remember.
06/02/2015 16:41 GMT
Is 'The Voice' UK Any

Is 'The Voice' UK Any Good?

I couldn't tell you who's won or name a single contestant, which has always been the main criticism of <em>The Voice UK</em>. If it claims to find talent and create brand new popstars, where are they?
23/01/2015 17:16 GMT