Sarah Tinsley

Writer, blogger, teacher, runner, drummer

Sarah spent most of her childhood in Cornwall but isn’t very good at surfing. After graduating from Southampton with a degree in English and Music, she immediately left the country and spent the next few years wandering around Asia and Europe teaching English. After rejoining the real world, she came back and trained to be a secondary English teacher. After spending six years helping hundreds of students analyse and create their own stories through words and film, she decided it was her turn.

Sarah has an MA in Creative Writing from City University in London, and is editing her first novel. She won the International Segora Short Story competition in 2015, and was Highly Acclaimed in the Aurora Short Fiction competition in 2016. Her short fiction and reviews have been published online and in various literary magazines.

The Power of Words ( explores her fascination with the power of words in a range of contexts. Not a big fan of spare time, she also runs marathons and plays samba reggae on a very big drum.
Why Aren't Classrooms Gender

Why Aren't Classrooms Gender Neutral?

Of course, at the other end of school, there are other, huge challenges. Working practices with relation to flexible hours, job sharing, the stigma of shared parenting, childcare, sexism in the workplace, all of these things are needed so that when these children do leave school, they are entering a world where their understanding of equality is matched by the world they find themselves in. With any luck, we can get on with creating that world for them, while they are discovering the limitless possibilities of themselves.
18/08/2017 15:01 BST
The Amazing Disappearing

The Amazing Disappearing Women

On some level, especially as a Media Studies teacher, I get it. Marketing is based on targeting particular demographics, and that way you can get your brand out to your audience, more money, everyone happy. But sometimes it just seems downright lazy. Would it really affect sales so much if we saw some male hands wrapping a small bottom in absorbent material?
03/07/2017 17:04 BST
Laughing About

Laughing About Equality

Let's not be eaten up by cynicism. We need to insist that the people who represent our voice in Parliament are people who are more like us. Choose people that believe what you believe, for they will carry you with them to the place where the big decisions are made.
06/06/2017 11:41 BST

Being Nasty

Now is the time to test how truly nasty we can be. In the aftermath of this glorious wave of protests, I want to use my voice, and my privilege, to carry that feeling I had when the sign was in my hand. To speak out for others who don't recognise themselves in an ever-shifting political landscape, where the elite continue to thrive, and the disadvantaged continue to be bulldozed in the name of progress.
22/01/2017 17:38 GMT
Diets? Don't

Diets? Don't Bother!

And of course, what do you need to go on the diet? Spend a crap load of money. There's the book, the app, the diet planner, the special delivery service, the shame alarm, the warning bell on your fridge that goes off whenever you open it. If it's marketed as 'healthy living,' you can bet your wobbly arse that there are a whole load of products to go along with it.
09/01/2017 15:55 GMT

Feeling Foreign

It's not often I feel uncomfortable in London. Being a white person that speaks fairly standard English, it's rare that I feel the stare of others on my skin, hear the whispered judgements of others as I walk past. As a woman, I've been subjected to my fair share of unwanted attention, especially when running, but in an unfortunate way, that's something I've become accustomed to.
09/12/2016 08:04 GMT
Why Can't Male Officers Be 'Emotional,'

Why Can't Male Officers Be 'Emotional,' Too?

Why is one of the only people to be convicted for these crimes a woman? Why is she the only one too emotional to handle a difficult situation? It needs to be acknowledged that, in difficult times, men can get just as emotional and overwrought as women. They are just as likely to make ridiculous decisions. And they should be brought to account for them.
26/09/2016 11:42 BST
Sexist Reporting Of The Olympics Is No

Sexist Reporting Of The Olympics Is No Surprise

The fact that idiotic comments from the likes of John Inverdale are referred to as 'slips' is notable. It implies that he has momentarily forgotten that he is on TV and has certain standards to uphold, and is instead letting his true thoughts about female athletes bubble to the surface. As if it's normal, and expected.
25/08/2016 12:42 BST
Why It Doesn't Matter What's in Your

Why It Doesn't Matter What's in Your Pants

I don't care what's in your pants. Or what it looks like. We all come in glorious shapes and sizes, and I'm delighted that the government has decided to get on board and reach out to those who can't see themselves in the narrow tick-boxes we assign to life.
12/07/2016 12:05 BST
Who to Blame for

Who to Blame for Brexit

What a ride it's been. After all the mud-slinging, roaring and shouting, the dust has cleared, and it's a rather sorry sight. Feels a bit like that moment when, even though it's 3am you decide the best thing to do was tp keep drinking. The hangover is much, much worse. As is the clearing up.
28/06/2016 10:57 BST
Wearing Makeup Isn't

Wearing Makeup Isn't Empowering

Make up only enhances one aspect of you. Your physical appearance. Which does nothing more than accentuate the level to which you are judged by it. Contouring does not enhance your intellect, a nice shade of eyeshadow does not highlight your practical or social skills. All it does is enhance the physical you. A tiny element of who you are as a person.
24/05/2016 10:11 BST
Genderspecs - The Gendered

Genderspecs - The Gendered Gaze

I cringe at my own female gaze. The times I size up a woman, assessing whether or not I think she can pull off her outfit, if I think someone that age be wearing that length of skirt. It's some sort of triggered instinct that surges into my brain before I can stamp it down. Changing the way we see each other takes effort.
31/03/2016 12:47 BST
WOW Festival - Inspiring

WOW Festival - Inspiring Goals

I've spent the day surrounded by inspirational women. From The Lips choir who spent their week joining protests again female asylum seekers detained in Yarl's Wood to hula hooping and football workshops.
17/03/2016 15:46 GMT
Why You Don't 'Deserve'

Why You Don't 'Deserve' Anything

Richer households are less likely to give to charity. Having money removes us more and more from the rest of society (no bus, no shared accommodation) so bit by bit we find ourselves less empathetic, less charitable. And we don't deserve it. The world is a rigged game of Monopoly.
08/03/2016 10:26 GMT
Why Diets Are a Waste of

Why Diets Are a Waste of Time

Here we go again. Amidst the gloom of a drop in temperature, dark mornings and evenings, we are being pedalled false promises on the back of yet more 'wonder diets' that will magically transform us all from sofa-bound blubbers to lean muscular nymphs. Why are we still falling for this nonsense?
22/01/2016 16:35 GMT
The Only Resolution You

The Only Resolution You Need

Ok, I'm a bit late. All the fuss has died down, the gyms are already full (for at least the next couple of weeks), diets have no doubt started in earnest and your Facebook feed is full of smug sweaty people showing off how many miles they've swum/cycled/run/hopped and how much weight they've already lost.
11/01/2016 12:20 GMT
'Tis the Season to Be...

'Tis the Season to Be... Sober?

According to an article I read today, the true way to enjoy Christmas is to lay off the booze completely. Able to hold a conversation with your granny, wrap the awkwardly-shaped toy for your nephew and get stuck into helping cook the dinner without feeling queasy, will heighten and enrich your Christmas experience.
21/12/2015 14:46 GMT
Have Yourself a Gender Unbiased

Have Yourself a Gender Unbiased Christmas

One thing I can never quite fathom is the arrival of the 'man' store, only there for the holiday period, stuffed full of silver gadgets in blue boxes, joke books about farts and football, remote control helicopters and other such fodder deemed 'manly.'
11/12/2015 17:16 GMT
The Five (Honest) Stages of

The Five (Honest) Stages of Running

The truth is, on a windy November day, the last thing you feel like doing is putting your (permanently stinky) running shoes on and being buffeted around the park for an hour. While I find many running articles helpful, they're not exactly honest when it comes to the emotional experience of a run. Here is my attempt to redress that balance.
19/11/2015 11:41 GMT
Visiting the Middle East as a Western

Visiting the Middle East as a Western Woman

Having never traveled to the Middle East before, I was a little unsure about what to expect from a holiday to Jordan. My research findings ranged from women on their own being ignored (a woman in a cafe not being served for two hours) to people being incredibly friendly and welcoming.
10/11/2015 10:25 GMT