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Scott Ashley

The new face of health and fitness at ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Scott Ashley is the new face of health and fitness at ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Regarded as one of London’s most sought after personal trainers, Scott is currently leading the charge in the ‘National Planking Challenge’ alongside TV luminaries like Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd.

With a reputation for transforming bodies and changing attitudes towards health and fitness, Scott is the personal trainer to a number of high profile clients including TV personalities and Royalty. He also works alongside some of the country’s top physio and chiropractic experts to train the sporting elite.

Growing up in a family of fitness enthusiasts (his mother an Aerobics and Pilates instructor for over 20 years), Scott excelled at gymnastics at an early age and as a result now specialises in a unique combination of Calisthenics, Hypertrophy and Endurance training with elements of Yoga and Pilates. He believes this combination helps to create weight loss, optimum muscle definition and muscular balance.

On the modern lifestyle, Scott said: ‘We live in a world where we are constantly seated, eating processed food and drink. Our bodies were built to be active and physically challenged’.

Scott holds an International Diploma in Advanced Personal Training, Health and Physical Education/Fitness and works as an ambassador to a number of high profile gyms and fitness initiatives across the UK.

Plank Like A

Plank Like A Pro

Planks are a great recovery exercise. It helps you building strength in your core, upper and lower body. It works almost every main muscle, making it good full body work out. There are many variations of the plank, focusing on working different parts of body, from hamstrings to forearms - depending on which one you try.
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