Scott De Buitléir

Writer, Poet, Broadcaster, and Founder, 'EILE Magazine'

London-born and Dublin-bred, Scott De Buitléir started his career at the age of 15, volunteering at local community radio stations in Dublin, before landing his first commercial role at the age of 17.

Working in Irish (Gaelic) at first and then English, Scott has worked with some of Ireland’s biggest broadcasting companies, including RTÉ Radio and BBC Northern Ireland. During the same time, Scott’s love for writing led him to working as a freelance journalist for predominantly Irish-language newspapers and magazines. His (now-retired) Irish-language blog, Dialann Scott (Scott's Diary) was nominated multiple times for the Irish Blog Awards, while his poetry and creative writing led him to perform at several literary festivals around Ireland, including the IMRAM Literary Festival in Dublin and Cúirt Literary Festival in Galway.

In April 2013, Scott created and launched EILE Magazine, an online-only publication for the LGBT community. Under his direction as Editor-at-Large, EILE now boasts contributors from around the world, including the U.S., New Zealand, Finland, England, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland also.

Aside from his work in the media, Scott is also a writer and poet, with a Masters degree in Writing and Communications from University College Dublin. He is fluent in Irish Gaelic as well as English, and has been published in both languages. You can contact Scott via e-mail or his website.
That Time a Homeless Guy's Death Was Noticed By An Entire

That Time a Homeless Guy's Death Was Noticed By An Entire Nation

Jonathan Currie died on the streets, less than fifty feet away from Leinster House, the seat of Irish government. Whether or not he has become the catalyst so desperately needed in Ireland to tackle the taboo-like topic of homelessness in Ireland remains to be seen.
04/12/2014 12:52 GMT
The Crooked Mouth: Gregory Campbell and the DUP's Outdated War on

The Crooked Mouth: Gregory Campbell and the DUP's Outdated War on Irish

Sinn Féin's Danny Morrison once said: "every word spoken in Irish is another bullet in the freedom struggle'' in Northern Ireland. I'd strongly disagree with such a statement, but instead, I'd like to make a new version: Every time the DUP say "Never", as Campbell said about an Irish Language Act, the party's chances of bearing a future generation weaken.
27/11/2014 14:42 GMT
The UUP: Ulster's Unexpected

The UUP: Ulster's Unexpected Progressives?

Whenever a political party's annual conference takes place, one can look forward to nothing but speeches, applause at regular intervals, speeches, workshops, goody bags filled with pens and branded notebooks, and maybe a speech. It's like Christmas for politicos, and last week's UUP Annual Party Conference at Belfast's Ramada Hotel was no different.
22/10/2013 14:13 BST
Channel 4's 'London Irish': Reinforcing

Channel 4's 'London Irish': Reinforcing Stereotypes?

For any self-respecting Irish person in London - or for any Londoner of Irish decent - this new series could be portrayed as being representative of them, and they may not like what they're about to see.
24/03/2013 23:53 GMT
Lest We Forget? The Irish

Lest We Forget? The Irish Did

Whether right or wrong, it's extremely uncommon in Ireland to see anyone wearing a poppy, commemorating those who died while serving in the British Army. If one were to ask why, an initial response could be that it is a British custom and not an Irish one.
13/11/2012 12:35 GMT
What it Takes to be

What it Takes to be 'Popular'

Set in today's Northern Ireland, <em>Popular</em> follows the story of four privileged Belfast teens with more money than sense as they each learn a bit more about each other and their own lives.
09/10/2012 14:35 BST
Darren Shan's Zom-B

Darren Shan's Zom-B Terror!

Shan - real name Darren O'Shaughnessy - became a full-time writer at the age of 23, and has since sold over 20 million copies of his books worldwide, becoming bestsellers in the US, UK, Ireland and elsewhere.
26/09/2012 12:53 BST
Irish President Gives Youth Their

Irish President Gives Youth Their Voice

Using the tagline 'Take Charge of Change,' <em>Being Young and Irish</em> is a series of seminars organised by President Higgins whereby people aged between 17 and 26 can have their say on where Ireland is going.
14/09/2012 23:17 BST
Brosnan Goes Bilingual in Latest

Brosnan Goes Bilingual in Latest Film

Pierce Brosnan has turned his hand at learning a few words of Danish for his latest film, <em>Love Is All You Need</em>, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival earlier this week.
07/09/2012 16:51 BST
Sectarian Marches or Musicians Under

Sectarian Marches or Musicians Under Siege?

Jason Burke is the captain of his music band which practices on the Newtownards Road in east Belfast. He's been involved with the band for almost seven years, and is something he is both passionate and proud about. This isn't the type of music band, however, that plays the odd rock song in his parent's garage. He is in charge of a flute band, which regularly partakes in Orange Order marches in Northern Ireland.
03/09/2012 16:48 BST