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Scott Saunders

Academy Manager, Writer & Editor at 90min

Academy Manager, Writer & Editor at 90min

Why Antonio Conte's 'Under the Radar' Chelsea Are on Their Way Back to the Top

You can't help but think this new Chelsea will be far more 'together' than they were in the opening months of last season. Mourinho's Chelsea were fractured; he'll have learned from his mistakes in his new role, but there'll be no more "palpable discord". Conte drives a hard bargain, and yes he's a little crazy, but he's respected.
20/07/2016 16:51 BST

Value Is Relative: Why Paul Pogba Is Worth Whatever Manchester United Are Willing to Pay for Him

The transfer market turned crazy a long, long time ago. Premier League clubs have nigh-on endless supplies of cash to splurge in the hunt for success, and inflation will only continue in the years to come. It's a case of supply and demand, and the latter is ever-increasing. To Manchester United, Paul Pogba is worth whatever they're willing to pay. If that's more than £100million, then so be it.
13/07/2016 16:21 BST

Thanks Yaya, You've Been Great, But Now It's Really Time to Go

There doesn't appear to be any chance of recovering a working relationship between Guardiola and Toure looking at comments published in the past, but disregarding the bad taste, Pep will certainly not carry any passengers when he arrives in Manchester. Toure's time is up. Everybody recognises that now. And while we should look back fondly on his time in England, his time to move on has been long overdue.
20/05/2016 16:36 BST

Football Is About Achieving Dreams, And Riyad Mahrez Should Continue to Chase His

Leicester will teach us this season - if they go on to complete the job - that dreams, no matter how unlikely, can come true. And whether it's the popular decision or not, Claudio Ranieri and the club are absolutely correct to not stand in the player's way if he decides to move on. This sport is all about achieving dreams, and Riyad Mahrez has earned the right to continue chasing his.
11/03/2016 16:21 GMT

Anthony Martial: A Victim of Wayne Rooney's Slump and Over-Exposure

Manchester United are lacking a goalscoring hero at the moment, and while it was hoped back in September that Anthony Martial could have been that man, it's wrong to expect it to happen so quickly. Perhaps United should delve back into the transfer market in January after all. Romelu Lukaku, anyone?
07/12/2015 16:39 GMT

Are Liverpool the Dark Horses for This Season's Premier League Title?

Liverpool can't be at their best every single week. But we've seen what their best is - and who knows, there could even be more to come - and it puts them at least on par with the country's top teams on their day. If a consistent level of performance can be found over the next two thirds of the season, Liverpool may go closer to the title than a lot of people think. Dark horses? Maybe...
27/11/2015 17:47 GMT

Raheem Sterling's Laughing Again, But for All the Right Reasons

The time has now come for him to re-introduce himself to some former team mates. The cauldron that awaits him at Anfield will have to wait for a good few months yet, but City's number seven will be one of the chief players looking to put Liverpool to the sword when they visit the Etihad Stadium on Saturday evening.
20/11/2015 17:38 GMT

Eden Hazard's Slump Proof That Messi and Ronaldo Comparisons Were Premature

Eden Hazard has some serious improving to do - with both his performances and his attitude - even if he's to enter the conversation as one of the world's best players, and he's going to need to step things up if he's actually to be deemed worthy of stepping in to the shoes of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Spanish capital.
21/10/2015 22:09 BST