Seb Reilly

Writer, fiction author and occasional musician.

Seb Reilly is a writer, fiction author and occasional musician. He lives by the sea in Kent with his family and two cats, and when he is not writing he enjoys music and film.
Cold Hearts Make Cold

Cold Hearts Make Cold Feet

There's something about the cold that I just love. Going outside in the frozen air, wrapped up in a thick coat and scarf and gloves; it's bracing yet refreshing. And then, of course, you get to go back inside where it is warm and cosy. Crank up the heating and cocoon within a solid building.
19/01/2017 12:21 GMT
All Hail Trump, Bringer Of

All Hail Trump, Bringer Of Armageddon

When Farage ran for MP at the last General Election he did so in my home constituency of South Thanet. Even though he lost, I saw first-hand the rift created in the community; but Farage is a politician and knows how the system works. Trump is a complete outsider with zero experience, yet he is part of the very crowd he tries to oppose.
09/11/2016 08:35 GMT
Trump Is the Ultimate Reality TV

Trump Is the Ultimate Reality TV Villain

As I'm not a US citizen, I hold no political affiliation with either Democrats or Republicans. I cannot vote in the election, all I can do is observe. Either the US will continue the forward step taken with Barack Obama and put a woman in the Oval Office for the first time, or it will take a huge leap back by electing a spray-tanned failed businessman who lies constantly. Whichever way it goes, I will be watching.
19/10/2016 14:35 BST