Seth Freedman

Whistleblower at the centre of the UK gas price-fixing story

Seth Freedman was born in 1980, became a City broker in 1998, moved to Israel and enlisted in the IDF in 2004, began writing for the Guardian in 2006, returned to the UK and the City in 2011, and turned whistleblower in November 2012. He has published four books and his website is
High Stakes Battle for High Street

High Stakes Battle for High Street Bookies

Bookmakers across Britain are joining forces to combat the scourge of problem gambling, or so the script goes at least. The formation of the P3 Group is seen by more cynical observers as just the latest, desperate attempt by the bookies to stave off a growing avalanche of pressure to better police the gambling industry.
31/07/2013 10:43 BST
Up Against The

Up Against The Wall

William Sutcliffe burns with passion when discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stressing his belief that 'it's time for Jews to stand up and say something' about the decades-old occupation of the West Bank.
04/06/2013 16:10 BST
Knives Out For The

Knives Out For The Gunners

As Arsenal players recover from their season's nailbiting finale, the club's shareholders find themselves embroiled in a burgeoning scandal over their links to one of Asia's most notorious companies.
23/05/2013 15:48 BST
We Don't Need No

We Don't Need No Regulation

The knives are out for the energy companies in the press and political spheres alike, with public outrage increasing with every new revelation aired. But their anger is not directed solely at the likes of BP and Shell, but also at the lax regulatory environment which has allowed such alleged abuses to flourish for years.
21/05/2013 10:51 BST
Turning Up The Heat On British

Turning Up The Heat On British Gas

Damage limitation was the order of the day at Centrica on Monday, but the British Gas parent parent company knows its public image has been hammered once again on the back of its latest trading update.
15/05/2013 12:24 BST
Speaking Up For Speaking

Speaking Up For Speaking Out

As whistleblowing charity Public Concern At Work (PCAW) describe it, a "culture of silence" continues to reign in workplaces across Britain, despite years of promises from politicians to improve protection and support for those bringing their concerns to light.
14/05/2013 09:01 BST
Big Six Backlash Boiling

Big Six Backlash Boiling Over

The heat is on energy companies now more than ever, with public anger stoked by near-weekly revelations of egregious behaviour by Big Six firms and their peers. Tuesday's Energy and Climate Change committee grilling of power providers was an eye-opening spectacle.
17/04/2013 17:41 BST
Class A

Class A Myth-Making

Despite using cocaine every night for the final three of my six years working in the City, I only once traded high - and, after an horrific eight hours getting increasingly jumpy and disconcerted, quickly learned never to do it again.
17/04/2013 11:47 BST
Big Six Bandit

Big Six Bandit Country

For a company so egregiously engaged in deception on a mammoth scale, SSE have got off almost scot-free in financial terms, and they and their peers know it. Ofgem levied a penalty equivalent to just 0.5% of SSE's annual revenues, demonstrating again quite how toothless and ineffectual the regulator remains.
03/04/2013 12:59 BST
Truth Is in the Eye of the

Truth Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Sifting fact from fiction whilst simultaneously rushing to file copy is a high-stakes affair, the repercussions of which are felt long after the story has been subbed, laid out and published for mass consumption.
03/04/2013 12:02 BST
Not Our Market, Not Our

Not Our Market, Not Our Problem

If you believe the official hype, the FSA's apathetic conduct while the Libor scandal developed was entirely proper, despite being told explicitly by market participants that manipulation was afoot.
07/03/2013 13:44 GMT
When Art Becomes a Four-Letter

When Art Becomes a Four-Letter Word

Breuer-Weil's pessimistic take on the Suburb, and the world beyond, looms large in many of his gargantuan works, and will strike a chord with anyone disturbed by the precarious nature of modern life and the self-centred attitudes of those at the helm of both national and supra-national institutions.
24/02/2013 21:39 GMT

Half-Empty Tankard

Now is not a good time to run a price reporting agency. Following allegations of market manipulation in November, a seismic event last week saw a triumvirate of broking firms seek to wrest control of the setting of gas prices, with the launch of their own benchmark, dubbed the Tankard Index.
11/02/2013 23:18 GMT
To Blow Or Not to

To Blow Or Not to Blow?

My experience at the centre of the gas price-fixing allegations has been a textbook case of what happens when companies find themselves under the spotlight after allegations of abuse have come to the surface.
29/01/2013 22:20 GMT