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I’m Shannon and I’m 23. I’m a full time mum to two boys. I’m also a part time blogger/writer/editor. I love all things rainbow, unicorns are my favourite animal and anything with glitter on, I need to own! I used to love reading (back when I had a minute’s peace) and my favourite genre is crime. If there’s a crime series or murder documentary on TV, I’m all over it. Our family is me (obviously), Henry who is three, and Archer is the newest member of our family, he’s one. Then there’s my better half, Gareth. He’s 27 and a self confessed nerd. He loves all things technology or video game related. We’ve been together for five years, since I was 18. I started my blog in 2015. I’ve always written, I can remember teachers using it as a way for me to behave and focus in school. Before I became a mother, I didn’t have much subject matter. My blog started out as an Instagram account where I documented our weaning journey. I shared pictures and recipes of baby friendly food to help other parents who found the weaning process daunting. After I gained some followers and interest, it boosted my confidence and I started a blog alongside my Instagram. It then evolved once he was fully weaned as it became less about food and more about our day to day lives. Then I became pregnant with Archer and I needed a new name. “Peanut” is the name I gave Henry when I was pregnant with him and “Sprout” was our nickname for Archer. So it stuck. We’ve also just entered the world of vlogging too! Our YouTube is under the same name “Peanut and Sprout” but I usually link a video in with a blog post I’ve written. Over on our channel, you’ll find videos of days out, reviews and videos about our daily life. Enjoy!
My Confidence Was Shaken After Two C-Sections But I'm Finally Coming To Terms With My

My Confidence Was Shaken After Two C-Sections But I'm Finally Coming To Terms With My Mumbod

<img alt="mum bod" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Our first was an emergency caesarean. I'd gone through an induction and 11 hours of labour, plus half an hour of pushing before they decided he needed literally ripping from my stomach. I was left with the typical overhang that happens with a section. I don't remember the exact moment when I realised my tummy had changed beyond recognition.
20/09/2017 16:40 BST
Why Is There Not More Breastfeeding Support

Why Is There Not More Breastfeeding Support Available?

For the first month, all I felt was pain. It felt like broken glass was being sucked through my nipples and I got awful stabbing pains in my boob. My midwife and health visitor both told me that was normal. I persevered, praying my nipples would toughen up and the pain would go. It didn't.
02/08/2017 15:46 BST