Sharon O'Dea

Digital communication and intranet expert

Sharon O'Dea is a digital communications expert for a global bank, specialising in intranets and social media.

She began her career in publishing, before moving into online communications, working first for a host of well-known UK public sector organisations, and then in financial services. A recognised thought leader on intranets and digital workplace technologies, she is one of the brains behind Intranetizen, the world's leading intranet resource.

A prolific social media user and longtime geek, Sharon is a contributor to Share This Too, the social media handbook for PR professionals (Wiley, 2013).

In 2013 she co-founded 300 Seconds, which aims to encourage women in digital to gain confidence in speaking in public.
Brands Made Jelly Dead on

Brands Made Jelly Dead on Arrival

It's good to see brands experimenting with new platforms, but in doing so before the platform and community have established their role and purpose, they've left Jelly a stillborn social platform.
19/01/2014 19:44 GMT
Social Media, Serendipity and the Power of

Social Media, Serendipity and the Power of Trivia

The stream of updates about unimportant things, from lunchtime burritos to Daily Mail click-bait, are thought by many to be distracting us from the reading of improving books or forging of real-life relationships.
29/10/2013 14:26 GMT
It's Time to 'Lean in' and Do Something About Diversity at Tech

It's Time to 'Lean in' and Do Something About Diversity at Tech Events

Having a greater variety of voices, backgrounds and experiences represented makes conferences better, and that, in turn, makes the tech industry better. But for that to happen, organisers need to be more proactive about recruiting diverse speakers, and more of us need to get over our nerves, grab opportunities where they come, and put ourselves forward.
14/08/2013 14:54 BST
In Praise of Web

In Praise of Web Anonymity

In the two decades since, the web has opened up communication and ideas in ways few dreamed possible. As a tool which enables people to speak freely with others all over the world, putting thousands of information sources at our fingertips, the web has fuelled revolutions and overthrown governments.
05/08/2013 14:54 BST