Shaukat Warraich

CEO-Faith Associates, Chief editor of ImamsOnline, Author, trainer, public speaker on Mosque & Madrassah management, leadership & governance

Shaukat Warraich is an multi award winning social entrepreneur and is currently the Chief Executive of Faith Associates a pioneering enterprise, developing strategies, organisational and operational capacity for 3rd sector and commercial entities in the UK and abroad. He has held a number of leadership positions in the commercial and charitable sectors helping to increase performance and sustainability. He has been responsible for producing a number of key pieces of literature and community interventions.

He was the lead consultant and advisor for the national consultation and ultimate launch of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory body (MINAB), which constitutes over 600 Mosques and Islamic centres in the UK. He has worked and advised over 35 local authorities and regional governmental agencies in the UK, to develop community interventions and strategies to interpret policy on the ground.

Shaukat has also published the 1st Mosque management guide and toolkit which is targeted at leaders of the Muslim community responsible for maintaining and enhancing their centres to become beacons for all communities. He has also authored the “Mosque open day guide” the “Madrassah management guide” "Women in Mosque Leadership" and various publication on safeguarding in faith Institutions. He has travelled extensively training and lecturing on these and other topics related to leadership and Management in the UK and overseas. He is also a regular commentator in the media on various subjects particularly on integration, cohesion, and community development. He was invited to chair the youth forum in Madrid and attend the Media for Social change panel in Istanbul for the United Nations – Alliance of Civilisation initiative. He has contributed on various governmental platforms on matters related to Cohesion, faith leadership and community development.

He currently lectures at the CMC in Cambridge on managing faith institutions and faith leadership. He has a Bachelors degree from Kings College, University of London and has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Shaukat Warraich holds other positions on ground breaking initiatives such as:

Chief Editor of
Chief Editor of Haqiqah Magazine
Chief Advisor on
University of East London – Madrassah Teacher development programme
Convener of ImamsOnline Digital Summit London 2015 with Twitter
Convener of ImamsOnline Digital Summit London 2017 with Google UK