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Shirley Rodrigues

Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy

Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy

The Government Need To Step Up And Tackle London's Filthy Air

Recent revelations have shown that nearly 95% of London's population - some 7.9 million people - live in areas exceeding global guidelines for toxic air particles by more than 50%. As London's Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, I find this completely unacceptable.
24/10/2017 15:57 BST

London's Toxic Air Is A Public Health Emergency - That's Why We're Taking Urgent Action To Halt Pollution

Today we've had confirmation that a monitoring station in Brixton Road has reported that the annual legal safe levels of nitrogen dioxide were exceeded within the first five days of the year. Sadly this is no surprise to us at City Hall, and it is why our mayor, Sadiq Khan, has had to take urgent and hard-hitting measures to help halt the rise of London's filthy air pollution.
06/01/2017 18:19 GMT