Simon Mack

Father, employee and commentator on a plethora of hues that our contrasting world paints.

Born in Hammersmith, London in the early 70's I am a creative writer, father and a long time employee in a wide variety of roles. A student of sports, current affairs and causes, I have always enjoyed being an honest and frank debater and a communicator of opinion. I have always felt unafraid to orate my sentiment and passionately promote and defend matters that are worthy of my time, and have never shied away from the fight. A published journalist in national newspapers and international magazines, I am also a published poet. We live at a time of great change and revolution in both the world balance and the very way we conduct our daily lives, and as the pitch in global tolerance ebbs, flows and floods I have felt it is those who stand up, stop, and make people think at unorthodox non mainstream angles that help to keep sanity firm footed on the floor. I have been a champion and promoter of causes such as the heightened understanding of Autism and the massive impact that little known illness MSA has on families and loved ones. In addition I have been passionate in my toil to raise awareness of online bullying, and have worked with groups such as the Pauline Quirke Academy to bring the pain and solidarity that many feel at the hands of this scourge to the fore. Though my varied roles I have also worked in the broadcast media for sporadic periods both as a presenter, interviewer and orator of material both on radio and television. My life has been hugely varied in vocation, financial situation and human interaction, and I have always striven to retain a grounded balance on all of our realms diverse activity. I very much hope you enjoy reading my input here, and would welcome debate and comment along the way.