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Simon Pont

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SIMON PONT is a British author, commentator and brand-builder, and Director of Communications for internet security firm Stay Private. In an agency career spanning 20 years, he has held Chief Strategy Officer roles at two global media networks and leadership roles at Saatchi & Saatchi and Naked Communications. Simon is the best-selling author of 'The Better Mousetrap: Brand Invention in a Media Democracy', and his most recent book, ‘Digital State: How the Internet is Changing Everything' short-listed for ‘Marketing Book of the Year’and was subsequently translated into Chinese. He is also the author of one novel, 'Remember to Breathe'. In a non-executive capacity, Simon sits on the advisory board to content-platform Talenthouse alongside Eric Schmidt (Google), Chris DeWolfe (founder of MySpace), Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand) and Gerard Butler (300). To say hello, go to:

Escaping Mediocrity

Where growing-up naturally involves taking a few missteps, Social Media can become a mean-spirited companion. Ferris Bueller's day would have turned out seriously different if at any point he'd checked-in or posted to his Timeline.
27/09/2016 16:41 BST

WTF is VR? The 3 I's of Virtual Reality

After TV, Film, Online (Video) and Gaming, VR is a Fifth Way in audio-visual experience, with a very different set of parameters around participation, role-play and immersion. And as one would expect of a new, fifth path, VR is as yet virtually untraveled.
01/08/2016 10:30 BST

RETAIL REINVENTION: Lessons From the Digital Rag Trade

The meeting point of RETAIL and EDITORIAL was traditionally 'THE MAGAZINE'. A style bible like Vogue or Harper's, for example, would carry glossy colour ads of beautiful things, commercial messages betwixt a sacrosanct and inviolable editorial.
26/03/2015 10:17 GMT

Brand Potential: New Rules

Brands really do have the potential to evolve. Those brands that get it right over the next 10 years will pull away from the primordial pack, from the push messaging of boiler room marketeers. "Sell! Sell! Sell!" is not the future of branding.
12/02/2015 15:12 GMT

While It Might Look a Little Like a Duck

It's misguided to simply drop the word 'advert' from the marketing lexicon, replace it with 'content', and then progress in just the same way, producing something that's as much a brand-centric message as it ever was. The undisputable, game-a-changing fact is this: all brands are now in the entertainment business.
06/11/2014 15:26 GMT

'Generation Create': Their Rise & What They Can Teach Us

It's not an over-claim. We're all living through a revolution. The Digital Revolution. But let's not too quickly jump to thoughts of tech. Any new technology is there to make new things possible. Invention is the trigger for what follows.
17/07/2014 20:32 BST

When Art Works

Words as pegs. For ideas. I've always liked that idea. What I also find so eloquently smart and cunning about words is what they don't say, but rather what they evoke.
05/06/2014 14:37 BST

That First Kiss

"That first kiss, that pause, just before, that pause spilling with expectation and possibility. Eyes. Mouth. Parting lips. Anticipation. Closer. Yes. Complicity. A submission, a moment shared in time and trust, a kiss offered, a kiss taken; a first intimacy. Kissing is The Business."
21/03/2014 11:46 GMT

Great Brand Theory, Invisible Design and Noddy Holder

Some men are born great. Others have greatness thrust upon them. Slightly abridged, but you'll recognize the line: Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, passing comment on how our natures and our circumstances influence how we step figuratively to the plate. Philosophically speaking, provocatively speaking, the line's also a bit of cheat in that it mashes together opposing schools of thought.
13/03/2014 13:18 GMT

The Native... Returns

I got into the advertising business because I liked advertising. I liked it back then. And I still like it. And it's why I'm inclined to still call an ad an 'ad', and view advertising as something that can be brilliant and that may still serve to influence, even inspire.
20/02/2014 13:41 GMT

The New Game

By extension of putting consumers "in control", the new consideration should become how campaigns can put them "in character". Beyond us asking, "What is the role for The Brand?", we need to establish, "What is the heroic role we are giving The Consumer?
27/01/2014 13:59 GMT

Conspicuous Communication

Tyler Durden. Renton. Remember those guys? One looked a lot like Brad Pitt, the other like Ewan McGregor. Two charismatic anti-heroes of the 90's: poets, philosophers, one a pugilist, the other a heroin addict, and both occupants of society's fringe.
24/12/2013 09:48 GMT

Audacity, Bravery, Commitment, Ambition

Consider Red Bull's space jump. Being oft-cited doesn't make it less instructive. Both Saatchi's poster and Red Bull Stratos are acts of sheer audacity and absolute bravery.
09/12/2013 13:06 GMT

Through a Glass... Clearly?

I recently attended a Google product demonstration. I didn't have to hitch my wagon to a trail heading West. Mountain View came to me. Google's demos are on a world tour, taking up London residence in a customised townhouse on Fitzroy Square.
22/11/2013 13:10 GMT

List Life: How Lists Make Us Feel Alive

With the right list, we can push at the edges of our mortality... which returns us to the essentialness of making the most of every 24 hours and how we fill them... which returns us to more lists, so we may tick-off and feel more <em>complete</em>.
16/10/2013 09:34 BST