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Simon Rockman

Founder: Fuss Free Phones. Editor: CWJournal

Simon run Fuss Free Phones, the mobile phone network for older people and those with visual impairment. With a long history as a journalist: He was the editor of Personal Computer World and Amstrad User in the 1980s, and launched Amiga Computing, What Mobile and a number of other titles. More recently Simon was the mobile and motoring correspondent at The Register and is now the co-founder and editor of Cambridge Wireless journal. He collects typewriters and is most proud of his pre-1900 Royal Barlock but is most likely to use his 1940s Imperial.

The Tech You Should Invest In For Your Grandparents

Ultimately the iPhone, iPad and iOS are all horribly unfriendly for those with visual impairment. What you should buy your nan is an Amazon Echo Show. An Amazon Echo is a cool bit of tech and fits into the kind of thing that as a techie you should buy for someone, but it's not the tech appeal.
07/11/2017 13:51 GMT

Busting The Myths About Technology For Seniors

They are those for whom technology has passed them by. It's important to remember that they are old, not stupid. It doesn't help that many of the devices designed for older people are labelled "simple" with the negative connotation that the word might have when you think of a person being simple.
10/10/2017 15:03 BST