Simon Webster

Chief Executive Officer at CPA Global, the IP technology leader

Simon was appointed Chief Executive Officer at CPA Global in October 2015 having previously served as Chief Business Development Officer with responsibility for worldwide sales and, prior to that, as Chief Operations Officer responsible for business operations globally. Before joining CPA Global, Simon worked in the UK financial services sector for 12 years, successfully leading business change programmes, delivering technology transformations and supporting M&A transactions.

To Patent Or Not To Patent

For people that generate ideas, particularly in the internet age, it is worth seriously looking at the trade-off between protection and pace of growth. Some innovations are naturally suited to intellectual property protection, such as new technical ways to achieve something.
01/11/2017 14:07 GMT

Why Failure Can Be The Path To Success

September marks the date that the aptly named Museum of Failure closes. It displayed more than 70 products and services from around the world. They included those from well-known brands such as a Harley-Davidson perfume, Bic for Her, the Apple Newton, Google Glass, and Kodak Digital Cameras.
13/09/2017 16:26 BST

The AI Intellectual Property Debate

AI remains an area where there is frenetic IP activity. To date this has largely been based around protecting AI systems or applications. But, in a future where machines are deployed to create complex products, the question of IP ownership could become clouded. AI helps solve complex issues simply and elegantly; legal ownership on the other hand may not be quite so simple.
26/05/2017 13:45 BST

The New Way To Innovate

The old (and slow) world of IP protection is colliding with a disruptive world that will not wait for growth. In the same way that platform technologies have transformed the way people communicate, share and do business, the IP industry is ready for a platform approach to drive better decision making across the ideas lifecycle.
16/05/2017 14:52 BST