Sirena Bergman

London-based journalist

Sirena Bergman is a journalist, blogger and campaigner. Commuting between Brighton and London, most of her time is spent on trains, scribbling furiously into a notepad and daydreaming about cake. Twitter-obsessed and caffeine-addicted, she’s always up for a debate.

She studied Journalism at Kingston University and now works as a content writer, as well as contributing comment pieces to a number of websites and blogging mostly about politics and media on Loud and Clear. Some of her favourite things include polka dotted anything, jazz on vinyl, The Observer and an extra-foam cappuccino on a sunny sunday and democratic general elections (in any country).

Tweets are welcome and appreciated @sirenabergman
I Don't Want Us To Be Remembered As Generation

I Don't Want Us To Be Remembered As Generation Selfie

Much has been written about the ubiquitous selfie, and whether you think it's empowering or shallow, it's certainly become a staple of our generation. Contrary to popular belief, the Kardashians didn't invent the self-portrait, and the act of capturing one's own likeness is not new...
02/11/2016 16:53 GMT
The Problem with Miss England Claiming to Be a

The Problem with Miss England Claiming to Be a Feminist

What about the less overt misogyny of a culture which judges women on their body first, their face second, their hair third, and their intellect last? It's time we stop justifying pageant contents in the context of them being a way to reach our higher goals. Male medical students wouldn't pose in a swimsuit as a way to achieve great things, so why should female ones.
23/06/2014 12:23 BST
Modern Feminism: Caitlin Moran vs E.L.

Modern Feminism: Caitlin Moran vs E.L. James

"That book is amazing! Everyone should to read it," said the woman sitting next to me on the train. Through my shock at someone speaking to me on the packed 7:50am service to Bedford I realised that the words were a carbon copy of my colleague's when she lent me <a href="" target="_hplink"align=left>How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran</a>.
15/05/2012 11:19 BST