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Skylar Baker-Jordan

Contributing Editor, TheGayUK Magazine

Skylar Baker-Jordan is a writer and commentator based in Chicago but focusing on UK and US culture and politics. A contributing editor at TheGayUK Magazine, his work has appeared at the Independent, HuffPost UK, Salon, the Daily Dot, the Advocate, Pink News, and elsewhere. He is an alumnus of Western Kentucky University.

Jared O'Mara's Misogyny Can't Be Overlooked

It's time for a hard reckoning about the sexism within the Labour Party. Jared O'Mara opened the conversation. Now let's have it, because we can't continue on as is. It's not enough to say "we're better for women than the Tories." Labour actually has to be better for women than the Tories.
25/10/2017 17:17 BST

To My Grandmother, On Her Birthday

You never wanted to be my mom. You wanted to be my grandma. When my dad brought home his pregnant young bride, you probably never anticipated that the next three decades of your life would be spent raising that child.
16/08/2017 16:20 BST

Why Straight People Shouldn't Come To The Gay Bar Uninvited

Straight people, whether men or women, should not go to a gay club unless they were invited by an LGBT person. The gay club is not for you. What this comes down to is straight people who are simply not used to being told they may not be welcomed based on their sexual orientation.
01/08/2017 14:11 BST

Grenfell Tower Reveals It's Really The Middle-Class Who're Guilty Of The Politics Of Envy

The residents of South Kensington complaining about rehousing Grenfell Tower victims in their neighbourhood need a reality check. Be grateful that nothing like this has happened to you. Not just the fire, but the sheer poverty that comes with living on a council estate. Instead of moaning that these people are getting help you've never needed, try being grateful for the fact that you have, in fact, never needed that help.
26/06/2017 12:02 BST

Voting Down Theresa May's Queen Speech Isn't Antidemocratic, It's Democracy In Action

The truth is that British democracy is a weird thing. You can lose the popular vote yet still win the election. You can form a government yet be unable to govern because your opposition outvotes you. And you can triumph at the polls whilst losing in the court of public opinion. Some people will elect you; more yet may protest you.
21/06/2017 09:25 BST

Racism And Classism Killed The Residents Of Grenfell Tower

We are talking about some of the most marginalised and oppressed people in our society dying in a hellish inferno, so the very nature of the discourse around what happened at Grenfell Tower is innately political whether we want it to be or not. The fact is, Grenfell Tower - from the residents' years of documented complaints about safety to the fact is lies in the richest borough in London - is a stark reminder of whose voices get listened to in modern Britain, whose don't, and that this dichotomy can have deadly consequences.
15/06/2017 10:09 BST

Five Things We've Learnt From The 2017 General Election

This is the third British general election I've covered as a journalist and it is, without a doubt, the most shocking of my life. Few, including myself, saw this coming. Yet here we are, and whilst it's still incredibly early, there are six things we can take away from Thursday's vote
09/06/2017 08:01 BST

Millennials, We Need To Talk About How Terrorism Makes Us Feel

We're not supposed to admit this, of course, because to say we're scared means the terrorists win. But that's bullshit. The terrorists only win if we cower, and admitting you're frightened or upset isn't cowering - it's brave. And every single time an attack like what happened Monday night in Manchester happens, I'm utterly fucking terrified.
23/05/2017 13:45 BST

What Do The Parties' Manifestos Promise The LGBT Community?

I'm not here to tell you how to vote, but to give you the tools to make an informed decision. The parties have made their cases (or not) to the LGBT community, but only you can decide how to cast your ballot. Whichever colour of the rainbow your rosette ends up being, I look forward to continuing to bring you all the news from this big, gay election.
19/05/2017 16:04 BST

The Press Isn't The Enemy - Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn Need To Stop Treating Us Like We Are

I'm proud to be a journalist. A free and independent press is one of the most vital institutions in any functioning democracy. It is our job to speak truth to power, hold leaders accountable, and relay to the electorate the stories that need to be told. Sometimes we get it wrong - we're only human - but I am confident that journalists throughout the country take our jobs, and our responsibilities, seriously.
11/05/2017 11:46 BST

I'm American. Here's Why I Care About The British General Election

I want your country to be my country. I want Britain to be home. I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen now, but in the meantime, all I can do is try to offer my two cents and hope you'll take my input. Because with any luck, in any time, I'll join you. And my kids will be one of you. And that means your election, especially with Brexit, matters to me immensely.
23/04/2017 21:46 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Is Wrong To Write Off A Progressive Alliance

A progressive alliance with tactical voting in key constituencies is the single best hope of preventing a Tory government - which at this crucial moment in British history should be every progressive's patriotic concern. Far from ruling it out, Jeremy Corbyn should be figuring out how to make it work.
20/04/2017 16:43 BST