Soozi Baggs

Author & Freelance Writer

I used to be a disillusioned London commuter who hated my job and pretty much every aspect of the working day.

Then I had twins and my life got 10 times harder but 100 times better. Within 3 years I'd quit my job, left my husband, and moved to Cornwall.

I now spend my days single parenting, studying for a Masters in Criminology at Plymouth University, and writing for various outlets. My first book "Maternity Leavers: What to do about work now you're a mum" was published in December 2016.

10 Things Motherhood Taught Me About My Career

The person I was before I got pregnant, the one I was while I was pregnant, and the one I have become as a mother, are all different. By which I don't mean that I've lost my identity or changed beyond recognition but just that my dreams, hopes, priorities, interests, and who I want to be in the world have all changed. I still feel like me, but a newer version of me.
04/07/2017 12:49 BST

Women Died to Give You the Right to Vote

This morning I voted in the EU Referendum. I also posted on my Facebook wall that I was voting and urged all people, especially women, to do the same. And yes, I used that cliched argument that women died to secure the right for women to vote. This is what I said...
23/06/2016 15:21 BST

24 Things You Could Do After Maternity Leave

Please don't stop at dreaming. <em>Do something about it</em>. There really are loads of opportunities out there which will help you to change your life for the better. I've distilled some of these ideas into a handy list for you. This is your 'what I could do after maternity leave' list. Read it, pick out a few, and develop them into your own ideas.
29/10/2014 15:52 GMT

Giving Up on My Lifelong Dream Was the Best Thing I Ever Did

I found that my totally unsuitable and unattainable dream was as restricting to my yearned for freedom as the current job I loathed. Deep down in my subconscious I had known that this dream didn't really suit me. So there was no way I was ever going to allow myself to attain it.
16/10/2014 14:26 BST

Treat Fathers Like Idiots...

There has been a lot of speculation about how men won't take up the opportunity of shared parental leave because the money is not enough for them or because childcare is not seen as a man's job. These are valid concerns but I think it goes even deeper than that.
09/10/2014 11:26 BST

The Mummy Track - A Man-Made Trap

This is the Mummy Track. A subtle quirk of the workplace which somehow manages to circumvent equal employment legislation and allows pregnant women and mothers to be shamefully discriminated against.
02/05/2014 11:19 BST

How Leaving My Job Was Similar to Leaving My Husband

This sounds like a flippant statement but it's not meant to be. Leaving my job to go self employed, and leaving my husband to go it alone as a single parent, were both incredibly important and emotional times in my life. Times filled with fear, doubt, uncertainty, and plenty of tears. And on recent reflection I realised that I'd gone through many of the same thoughts and feelings during each of them.
17/03/2014 11:44 GMT

Why Maternity Leave Was the Perfect Time to Quit My Job

For 4 weeks I had no job to go to or even think about; and no babies yet. For the first time, probably since I was at university, I was completely free to do what I wanted for days on end. Of course, what I wanted most of all was to sit on the sofa like a beached whale - I was huge and had no energy. But still, the feeling of freedom was starting to take hold.
18/02/2014 12:33 GMT

Why I've Stopped Calling Myself a Mumpreneur

In describing mumpreneurs as the "pin-money posse" the <em>Daily Mail </em>article defined mumpreneurship as being something that people dabble in - a kind of play business where the reward is pocket money for new shoes.
29/01/2014 11:32 GMT