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Sophie Bickerdike

Mum, Spiritual Fitness Advocate, Harrogate Girl

When you think Harrogate you don’t naturally think Yoga. It’s a long way from the simple lifestyle of ancient India or the blue skies and free thinking of California. You would be forgiven for thinking that this Yorkshire town is not the most natural place to start a dedicated yoga studio but that’s just what Sophie did. sophieBrought up in Harrogate, Sophie Bickerdike was influenced by the teaching of Jiddu Krishnamurti from an early age, a philosopher followed by her Grandmother. His holistic outlook, free from all prejudice, had a major impact on Sophie’s thinking. As she went on to pursue a career in acting, she followed the Meisner acting technique of learning to live in the moment. She soon discovered the key to this mindfulness was yoga and began practicing regularly at London yoga studios alongside other actors. Sophie became fascinated by transferring this connection with the moment in to our everyday lives and so began her journey as a yoga teacher. Back in Harrogate, Sophie taught at various venues around the town but was always aware that there is so much more to yoga than simply attending a class. Go Yoga was born out of this – creating a community that teachers could feel part of and extend to others who wanted to practice yoga with them; a welcoming, nurturing and clean environment to learn and belong. So Harrogate’s first yoga studio was born. Four years on it is now a multi-site studio offering a full range of yoga classes, retreats and also pilates, barre, HIIT and mindfulness. Yoga is enjoyed, practiced and taught by hundreds of people each week at Go Yoga and thanks to Sophie’s vision and perseverance, Harrogate has found a place on the yoga map of the world.
Empty Nest - Three Things To Fill That

Empty Nest - Three Things To Fill That Space

If you feel rotten, it's ok - it will pass, everything passes. Treat this as a magic moment and celebrate. This is the time to feel even more love and connection up your children by celebrating their independence given by you. Breathe, aim to separate yourself from thoughts of sadness.
05/10/2017 13:09 BST
Ready for Le Tour de Yorkshire? Just Four Poses for Cycling

Ready for Le Tour de Yorkshire? Just Four Poses for Cycling Yogis...

Cycling itself has had such an upsurge in the past month, that cycle lanes are positively congested and cars are almost a thing of the past! With that in mind and lots of people coming to the studio with tight backs and thighs; I have put down a few key poses to bring some respite yoga to cycling mania.
02/07/2014 11:39 BST
Quit the Caffeine and Become a Juice

Quit the Caffeine and Become a Juice Junkie

Stopping caffeine, dairy, fat, basically ditching the rubbish, you can restart your body's motor tuning it up nicely. Here are my 5 favourite juices at the moment, and remember to keep hydrated whilst on a detox, as it is the key to avoiding headaches and lightheadedness.
15/01/2014 10:34 GMT
Five Steps to a Total Life

Five Steps to a Total Life Detox!

Detox your friends, discover those who are mood-hoovers. Do you leave a friend feeling better or worse? Focus on those who add to your life and make it better. Find the positive... Things not right, get more in tune with yourself. Get a life coach, there are so many great ones out there!
17/12/2013 11:12 GMT
Five Inspirational Books to Unleash Your Inner

Five Inspirational Books to Unleash Your Inner Yogi

When I teach, I seem to amass a library of books by my side. They are staring back at me on the floor, almost coaxing me into a sense of focus or joy - whichever is needed most. I always have a new book in my bag, I am always studying and reading about yoga or being in the moment and trying to create some good from it!
14/11/2013 13:29 GMT
Come Fly With

Come Fly With Me..

Hanging upside down refreshes the body's systems, helps blood flow, and allows everyone to try postures such as the headstand and handstand. In the hammock, you can support yourself into more advanced postures than you never would have dreamt of.
01/11/2013 13:51 GMT
Yoga and

Yoga and Climbing

I first discovered climbing really existed as a sport, when I saw my local climbing wall in Harrogate. I had heard about it. But it was a fictitious place.... I had met people who had been there but I had not seen it for myself.
27/08/2013 13:36 BST