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Sophie Caffrey

Technical Apprentice: Electronics

Sophie is a Technical Apprentice specialising in aerospace, defence and security technology. She is currently working in Applied Research, looking at new and emerging technologies within defence. Since beginning her apprenticeship in 2015, she has predominantly worked in Hardware, designing and developing schematics and printed circuit boards. In 2016, Sophie developed a test interface board for a brand new product. She worked with Lead and Design Engineers to fulfil the requirements of her internal customers and produced a board that exceeded expectations. This board has now been used on every global trial of the product this year, from Germany to America. Sophie has been awarded full-marks in her college assignments, finishing them ahead of schedule, and will now embark on a part-time degree in Electronic Engineering. As a STEM Ambassador and the Apprentice STEM Representative at her Luton site, Sophie is proud to promote engineering and the sciences. As well as getting involved in events for students, Sophie has delivered career talks and activities for her old Air Training Corps Squadron. In her spare time, Sophie enjoys bouldering and kayaking. Recently she has been exploring Raspberry Pi and Arduino software, as she looks to participate in a software placement as part of her apprenticeship.