Sophie Charara

Journalist. Features editor for Wareable.

Journalist. Features editor for Wareable, previously at Stuff magazine.

This Is Who Is Winning In Wearable Tech In 2017

It might be an obvious choice but Apple is building the smartwatch to beat - everyone is still figuring out how useful LTE is - perhaps music streaming will be its main use case - but don't forget that Apple has also made plenty of tweaks to watchOS 4 this year too.
13/11/2017 15:20 GMT

The Next Wave Of Hero Wearables Will Solve Real, Human Problems

Google isn't first to this but the combination of years of improvements to Google Translate and the fact the Pixel Buds will ship within two months is impressive. Two connected pucks in your ears could alter everything from ordering food on your next big trip to how people migrating to new countries interact once they arrive. In other words, it has more hero gadget potential than most.
09/10/2017 13:46 BST