Sophie Labrey

Social media and content manager at TrueView who lives and breathes the world of dating

A covert agent of the great North specialising in unorthodox arts and social media blabbering. Doer by day, thinker by night - I can usually be found with something audible in my hands. Having been fully immersed within the creative industries as a touring musician for the past seven years, I would’ve never expected my journey to lead me into the dating world. After discovering TrueView, I realised that there was a much cooler side to dating. One that cuts out the rubbish! As part of the team at TrueView - the new smartphone dating application for the social media generation; my day revolves around helping single people find interesting things to do on those tough first dates and offering help and advice to their members – trying to make online dating that little bit less stressful. Follow me on my journey as I explore the adventuresome landscape of online dating...
Most Desirable Singles of 2014: Why the Numbers Don't Add

Most Desirable Singles of 2014: Why the Numbers Don't Add Up

Last week PlentyOfFish released a US survey revealing 'the most desirable singles of 2014' and they left us with a less than desirable outlook of finding love online. In fact, the data depicts an image that leaves us wondering if our only hope of finding love is in an episode of Grey's Autonomy.
15/01/2014 10:13 GMT