Sophie Phillipson

Founder of student & graduate support network HelloGrads

Sophie Phillipson, 26, is co-founder of HelloGrads which she started with her mum Julie when they realised the extent of the problems today’s students face upon leaving university. To name a few, students leave uni with massive debts averaging £50k per person, they face a mismatch between the growing graduate population and the availability of graduate-level jobs, they must negotiate an unaffordable and largely unregulated rental market, and do it all with a lack of financial know-how. HelloGrads is the go-to place to help ease the transition from academia to the big wide world, with life skills, tips and shared experiences from grads and experts in-the-know. The site covers personal finance, careers, renting, mental health and wellbeing, and more, and it’s for anyone who feels underprepared for life after university.