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Stephen Bailey

Comedian, television personality and writer

'Guilty pleasure' (Daily Record) Stephen Bailey is a comedian, television personality and writer. Stephen’s brand of gossipy humour has made him one of the most sought-after comedians performing on the UK comedy circuit. He is 'annoyingly sharp' (The New Current) and audiences relate to his sassy style as he takes to the stage with 'fantastic natural wit and charisma' (Edinburgh Festivals).

Familiar to audiences of Big Brother's Bit on the Side, Stephen will soon be seen on Channel 5's new six-part series The Funny Thing About and ITV2's Safeword. He has most recently been seen supporting Katherine Ryan on her UK tour. His approach is 'warm and affectionate yet no less biting in its wit' (The Gay UK), which made him the perfect choice to host Stonewall's 25th Anniversary Party. He regularly contributes articles to Attitude magazine and in 2015 he was nominated for the Amused Moose Comedy Award (Best Show) at the Edinburgh Fringe.

More than just a comic, he is also (some might say shockingly) a black belt in Tae Kwon-Do, has a degree in Languages - (totes fluent in French - sexy) AND loves a conspiracy theory (preferably involving a celebrity and a cucumber).

'He’s an arch-bitch with a winning smile. Everyone’s favourite gay best friend, Bailey’s confident, funny, and suitably rude' - The Reviews Hub
My First

My First Musical

I feel like with this being me writing this it should read: "When I was nine, I went to see my first musical" but I am about to drop something big. Something so unexpected. Something so out of character. I went to see my first musical last week - and the grand old age of 31.
14/09/2017 15:40 BST
The New Moon - How About The New

The New Moon - How About The New You!

"Make a wish at 8.03am, it's the New Moon" - one of my best pals in the world told me that this morning and it really got me to thinking about the various forms of magic spells I've cast, the number of times I've spent wishing upon a star, the amount of money I've spent on crystals and the amount of things I've asked the universe for. I bet she thinks I am one greedy bitch.
07/09/2017 16:03 BST
Who Is

Who Is Me?

We say we can write our own rules in a relationship so why not in the rest of our life? I, for example, am somebody who needs quiet for the first hour in the morning. No noise from social media, no deep and meaningful chats in the kitchen with my housemate, no job lists but just one hour to come round and consider the day ahead.
01/09/2017 13:40 BST
Do You Believe In The

Do You Believe In The One?

I'm going to give you a huge spoiler right now - we have none of the answers. I find it always makes for a fascinating conversation between me and my pals as I get the age old saying (from HRH Carrie Bradshaw) is true "we make our own rules".
15/06/2017 11:57 BST
I Used To Want To Be

I Used To Want To Be Famous

I just got back from the local pub quiz with my friend Hannah and we came sixth!! That never happens to me - we won a vinyl that cost the quiz master 50p (they left the price on) and we also won a packet of ginger nut biscuits (which has been torture as I am doing the 5:2 diet and today is a two day, which means NO GINGER NUTS).
19/01/2017 16:08 GMT
My Unpolitical Political

My Unpolitical Political View

With everything happening in the world at the moment, I think it is really important that we are kinder to each other, that we take the time to try and understand each other. I've got a feeling we could have a tricky few years ahead.
14/11/2016 11:42 GMT