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Stephen Canning

25 year old Conservative Councillor in Essex, having been elected since he was 18

Stephen Canning is a Conservative councillor in Essex and used to sit on the National Executive of the youth wing of the Conservative Party. He was elected as a Councillor in 2011 aged 18. He is interested in the impact of digital trends on society and the involvement of young people in politics.

For The Conservatives, The Question Is Where Are The Young?

The Conservatives have a strong pro-enterprise, socially liberal message that young people do genuinely want to hear. Our organisation needs to rethink how it taps into its significant young membership to help share and spread this message, and bring the young people home. The Labour Party has Momentum, we need to give our young people direction.
12/06/2017 17:12 BST

Sajid Javid Is Talking The Talk, Now Councils Needs To Walk The Walk

Not as a councillor, but as a young person who aspires to get his foot on the housing ladder I urge the Government to follow through with its strong rhetoric, my fellow councillors to use their new powers to work together and deliver strategically, and developers to remember that these aren't just houses, they're homes.
07/02/2017 17:33 GMT

Top 10 Things To Do In 2017 To Be Mentally Strong

One of the most effective ways to ensure you perform at your peak in 2017 is to train yourself to be mentally strong. Here are 10 things mentally strong people practice and you can learn to do too!
04/01/2017 11:29 GMT

Mindful Sleep: What Is it and How Can We Achieve It?

Boasting about how much we can do on how little sleep is nothing new. But along with increasing stress, tighter deadlines and extended hours, competitive sleep deprivation has now become a worrying and established feature of the 21st century workplace.
11/01/2016 16:28 GMT

9 to 5 Is Dying, Let's Celebrate

It is estimated that home workers make up a substantial 13.9% of the UK workforce with around 4.2 million workers taking advantage of this as an option in the first 3 months of 2014.
05/01/2016 23:28 GMT

Mindfulness in the Workplace: Five Practical Tips for 2016

A very simple technique, the one minute meditation can easily be built into the working day. Consider introducing them during breaks, for instance, which are meant to refresh us but so often end up being extensions of work as we battle to finish something, check our emails or catch-up on calls.
01/01/2016 22:06 GMT

Can Being Mindful Make Us More Productive?

First, let's take this back a notch and explore what mindfulness is. A dictionary will tell you that it's a mental state in which you acknowledge what you're doing, feeling and being in any one moment. It's a feeling of inner consciousness, a sense of greater awareness. Basically it's just paying attention properly.
30/12/2015 11:47 GMT

Where Next for Local Government

It's Monday morning and Ellie's recycling hasn't been collected, frustrated she sends a DM to the council Twitter account on her way out of the house. Using geolocation it dispatches a drone to go collect the bag that was missed by the refuse collection and sends her a picture to show it being removed.
26/11/2014 12:57 GMT

Circle: A Stripped Down Facebook With a Sexy Twist?

Essentially it's a stripped down version of Facebook, and is very much reliant on that pre-existing network of friends for it to work, that attempts to make geo-location (or gps stalking!) a little less creepy and a little more refined.
08/01/2014 14:47 GMT

In Defense of Bieber

The comments, though indefensibly self-centered and misdirected at a time when he should have been reflecting on the life of an important historical figure, still do not warrant the level of vitriol that he has received.
17/04/2013 12:06 BST

Hey, Don't Pitch Me Bro!

Have you had enough of pitches that rely more on their videos, flashy graphics and buzzwords than their content. Do you want to be able to show others your product in all it's naked glory (or otherwise!) and be able to get honest and constructive feedback where you need it.
06/11/2012 09:56 GMT

Student Upstarts is Seeking Upstarting Students

If you're a student and interested in starting your own company, have an idea or are already involved in a startup I suggest you get along to the event this Tuesday and find out a little more about what Student Upstarts have on offer.
22/10/2012 16:15 BST

Budding Entrepreneur? Launch Your Business in 48 Hours With Launch48

London has a fast growing tech scene and a healthily growing range of events on its calendar. From the fantastic Silicon Drinkabout team to the great courses of the General Assembly there are many opportunities would be startup entrepreneurs to hone their skills and network.
17/10/2012 13:58 BST