Stephen Doran

#1 Best-selling author and CEO of Peak Performance Academy

Property investor, Amazon #1 best-selling author of Burn the Bullshit and founder of Peak Performance Academy, the UK’s leading personal and professional development training provider. TV appearances include being a semi-finalist BBC 2’s hit series Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week and as a key investor on Dave’s The Money Pit.
Why Being Impatient Is Ruining Your

Why Being Impatient Is Ruining Your Life

The million-dollar question then is how do we cultivate an attitude of patience. The answer, ironically, begins with patience. The ability to be patient is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger you get.
18/10/2016 11:46 BST
Courage Over

Courage Over Conformity

When I studied psychology I remember one definition of insanity being when the behaviour of an individual 'deviates from the statistical norm'. How dare we brand every great person of all time as insane? Quite the contrary, I believe that insanity is sticking to the statistical norm, by doing this you create, achieve and contribute nada of great value to society.
25/08/2016 14:06 BST
Hit and Hope: Boxing in

Hit and Hope: Boxing in Cuba

Whilst on my recent travels in Cuba I utilised the opportunity to explore the culture and investigate some of their fundamental differences. After all what makes me tick, is knowing what makes people tick. In doing this we can readily learn what principles work for a nation and of course those which may be better discarded.
11/02/2016 15:53 GMT
Tesla - Inspired By

Tesla - Inspired By Genius

Unlike other cars the Tesla automatically updates itself with the newest updates, just last week Spotify was added along with improvements to the full auto pilot function (spooky but incredible). Finally the automotive industry is catching up with the rapid development of technology.
09/02/2016 16:42 GMT
Get More for Your

Get More for Your 24

We've all fallen prey at some point to the excuse that there aren't enough hours in a day. There aren't enough days in a week, weeks in a month, months in a year and so forth. What would you say if I told you that I've found them?
01/02/2016 16:33 GMT
F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing

F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing Real

I was repeatedly invited over the duration of the two days to reconsider my position on this matter and apologetically I expressed my inability to do so. In fact it ultimately resulted in my being removed from the program, despite delivering above average results in ALL activities we partook in, this was of course dumbed down a tad.
06/10/2015 10:02 BST