Stephen Liddell

Writer & author. Sci-Fi fan but avid historian & helping make dreams come true with Ye Olde England Tours private travel. Hardcore Backpacker!

Stephen Liddell is a writer, author and historian. He studied at SOAS in London University gaining amongst other things a Masters in International History and Politics and a love of other cultures.

A keen traveller he has backpacked Eastern Europe, North Africa and parts of the Middle-East as well as crossing the Sahara several times and sinking on the Nile which is bad as he can't swim.

When not writing, he runs private guided tours for his company Ye Olde England Tours and opens his home to travellers on Airbnb. When times allows he also agonises over the state of Newcastle United and the popularity of T20 cricket over Five day tests.

Stephen lives with his wife in Hertfordshire just outside London and longs to live somewhere remote. He is currently unconvinced of the merits of any major political party.

His books include Lest We Forget: A Concise Companion To The First World War. The Timeless Trilogy by KTF Press, Planes Trains and Sinking Boats, How To Get Rich Using Airbnb which has been featured on Bloomberg TV

Remembering the Armenian Genocide

Most of us are familiar with the holocaust in WW2 enacted by Nazi Germany against Jewish people, Gypsies, communists and the mentally ill but this week sees the 100th anniversary of another holocaust or Genocide, the Armenian Genocide in Turkey...
24/04/2015 10:50 BST

The Fox News Guide to the UK

Following the tragic events in Paris last week, an alleged terrorist expert by the name of Steven Emerson appeared on Fox News over the weekend and proclaimed that there were areas of London that had Muslim gangs patrolling the streets to enforce an Islamic dress-code as well as incredibly writing off entire cities such as Birmingham as being entirely Muslim.
14/01/2015 14:05 GMT

World War One Is Now More Remembered Than Ever

It's not that long ago when people were worried about remembering WW1. Not in how to mark the 100th anniversary of the war as has been the case recently but whether people would still care enough to remember in the war at all.
11/11/2014 10:43 GMT

The Importance of Soft Power

Most people are familiar with what is known as Hard Power. The idea that someone with more swords, bigger guns and overwhelming military ability can force someone to do something against their will but which is almost entirely in favour of those holding the gun. History is full of situations, the ancient Chinese, Persians, Romans all the way through to the British, French, American and Russians...
25/06/2014 15:50 BST